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Races anymore, and that's why what you're doing, and so many people like you around the state is essential to keeping our freedoms at a local level. Right? Agreed. Agreed and we got to start somewhere and I you know, I racked my brain. I mean, I spent 2020 just beating my head against the wall. We're open. We're closed. We're open. Where? 25% capacity. Here's a $20 an hour minimum wage. You know it just banging my head against the wall trying to keep up with the madness. And really thinking about how do I fight back? What is the best way for me to fight back and we're at war, and there was so many things. There is school board and right. You know our Children's vegetation and So of course I thought about that. But for me, I really felt like the fight for me The best fight for me. Not that I won't speak up and speak out about our Children's education. The best fight for me was to run for City Council. Yeah, So here I am, And, uh, You know, I look forward to rattling a few cages. I mean, clearly you already effectively done that. If you got the the Englewood City Council members resigned, So you have the capacity to get it done. And I think the question Daniel that you ask yourself. Is what we need everyone who's listening to ask themselves. Where can you make a difference? What are you passionate about? When is enough enough? And when is it time for you to step up and whether that be actually running for office like you are. In a nonpartisan local race or for legislative seats next year. Statewide seats, congressional seats. Everything is up next year or for as I put it, adopting a candidate find someone good like you. Daniel Gawronski running for Aurora City Council. Find a candidate like that support them. Get them elected, if you care about freedom at the local levels. Any final words we have 30 seconds, Danielle. Please visit me on my website. Danielle for Aurora. Com. That's F o r D and yell for Aurora. Com. I would love for you to adopt me as her candidates and Christy. Thank you so much. I look forward to being on with you again and we'll keep up the fight together. Thank you. Danielle will do that. All right. This is Christy Britain. Brown, the Dan Capital Show calling 8554058255. We'll talk to you on the other side.

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