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The Hawk met the circles and that and ends up caroming up the far side. David, camping from the benches at center ice will back the puck ahead. Lot, took it back into the lightning in hands it off the churn AC lightning line on the right wing and he'll spin it back over to plot on left wing side, then back to turn AC who put it between the circles. Ryan McDonagh headman pass, and the Hawks also really moves in on goal and shoots and a stick save is made by Langton. It Anthony Cirelli, with the puck along the left wing side gave it their to maroon. He'll carry it down behind the hawk. Get into the right wing corner. Connor Murphy on top of inmate and pushed the puck up the boards. Alex to break it. I'll take it for the Hawks at the hotline. And send the puck down ice into the lightning and next couple shifts here important for the Blackhawks. Tampa's got some momentum here. You don't want to give him another opportunity. You don't want to give them that chance. Toe. Take the lead in this game, so manage the moments was one of the keys to the game. And this is one of them is centered around the right side. From behind the hawk Net down into the lightning zone along the right wing boards. Matea See and Mark has that their friend the slot pastrami shoots in a blocker. Save me by Vasyl Lasky. Room. Got the putback Left Wing corner. Sensible left 0.2 J'adore awful moving a Mitchell right point who sent it across along the left wing boards. Yet Mark tried do flipped the puck in front of the net this to flex out to center ice. And doubling back rank Carpenter the hot blue line, we'll drop it down in front of the hawk net. And it's taking it behind the net by Big Nikita's your door on Or 49 left in the first We're tied at one the door off, handing the puck ahead. Philip Kirsch of across the Lightning line high slot area. Put the puck into the right wing corner. Lucas Walmart occur ship back of the net her she have left wing corner. Put it out, Left points the door off hell fire and that's blocked by Ruta in the circle. Who put it up there. Right side. Blake Coleman, Angela Hog Zone down the right wing tried to send in the puck hit escape, but tumbles to the right wing boards taken there by Barkley. Good road, he'll put it down behind the hawk yet And Adam Book was pulled out of there. But as he touches the puck to whistle blows, this will put the Lightning on the power play for 22 left in the first and the score tied at one back with lightning power play after this message on 7 20, WGN. Recently Total wireless help Charlie Michelle State of virtual Dance recital for her friends and family. This.

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