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So that's the bureau mexico hasn't had that transition use the word which transition is that the either of them back to the dogs the dogs hang out i'm getting only to wear helmets we are awesome dogs today that pierce mmhmm mm i could still smell smell is interesting to spend any time on the process of going through the border yeah though heck i really liked walks through the process hold us the new jersey cat lady she should go tagore prieto in do some work that's the place for me if you really if you're new jersey save dogs you wanna like feel good about yourself said in that bullshit checked pita every month or year go i were prieto and just that's all i need say go there you'll know what to do hope off just bring like a hose inspire champ who start ricki are you wearing wait affluence up uh we got a letter about new jersey cat ladies and the guy was saying is much like joe about newsrooms cat lady says you're not far off is an animal rights activists if you're gonna make the sort of composite picture of an amber rights person it is a woman who lives on the coast in owns pets john key walks through the process into mexico so lic transition yeah it is it's a little it's a little different because it's serious you know a real serious no it all one laughs doing it no no no weighs less liquor you know we drive up there in our big white van which inches instantly just feel sketchy any way just having a big weight rental van and it's all that camera equipment pointing at us oh centres like these flatly you don't even have to stop a new human series just you're being recorded it feels like a dozen waves let's the us government yeah it's no i mean we haven't even got to the to the mexican party him they take a pictures of before you well the figure will they did you see the guy today have the little old school digital camera taken a picture of like the little vin plate an exit on the mexican other mexican cya whose where i and i was like that's an antique.

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