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When he just saw darkness, he was like Oh, my gosh, but then it was funny to see everyone's comments on twitter because I was. was like, wouldn't you? If you're going to tour castle, you keep your champagne glass one hundred percent. If you watch everything arm and I just did not put donors champagne glasses. Even when he was proposing to me when he got down on one knee, really I didn't even know what he's. Go back, and it's so funny, but like Oh! HOW NERVOUS! He was when he had his talk, and he has my red lipstick on his lips and. It was just really magical. And that orchestra by the way was from Paris, they were incredible. They dubbed in music. That was like I. Don't know I think it sounded like I, played it, but artem he had them learn one of our songs, and it was unforgettable by French Montana and Swahli. And that's what they were playing when I walked, and they played such maisy music like I was my oh, bad for them, because I'm like Oh man this orchestra to play their own music for the show, but you guys. They were incredible. Why I'm hoping that. Maybe there's some way we could showcase them on the youtube channel or do something, but it was just so awesome, and then how much we all danced in their like they show that the dinner was incredible that castle. If you get an opportunity to go to Burgundy, France, well known that cow, so was the purpose of it. Is they built it actually for winemaking, we were all so fascinated by the history, and it's crazy because the guy who owns it now is really into like collecting I think cars and airplanes, so you kind of see him. Scattered around knows really interesting, yeah, it was very interesting, but very magical, and I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world to get an engagement like that wind to have family. There was just nice. All of it, and it was just so unexpected and I just I feel so grateful to have it all on tape. You know what I mean. Oh definitely and I have to say I cannot believe tomorrow night is the season finale of total balas and everyone gets to find out your gender finally, but we before you go there. How about when I fell down the stairs? Yet, but they didn't get a really see that I now I got the. I got the perfect. But I didn't drop champagne I was. I was very proud of myself. But before you get more night, we have to talk about the end of the episode. We found out you were pregnant and how that's right. You know I've been carrying this baby for. Over seven months now, so I totally forgot about that. You know it's funny because I did a youtube video talking about this, but you guys have been on this crazy journey with me on total Balas and I saw a lot of people socially were just like you know. Does it suck for breeze? Unborn child how much she didn't want a second kid, and then she ends up getting pregnant and how shocked she was. Was and this is how I look at things I was not ready to be a mother to two I'm Brian. And I both have these crazy careers. We couldn't get our hands on our careers and our marriage and parenting. We didn't have the balance, and it's really taken us a while to Kinda. Not only find the balance because I hate always saying balanced balanced balance, but just how to juggle it all and. Finally realizes I had to put my career number three number four my marriage, my family is number one and then I start to prior toys after that prioritize thinking to call I, said that really weird show. I think SEDONA really opened up. Brian, our hearts, and our minds, and it made he, and just connect in a really spiritual deep way that we needed, and I just have to say for any of you guys who been married for a while, or you've been in a position like Brian. I, that you've seen this season total. Balas. Getting professional help helps so much 'cause it's even hard to do that on your own and I am so happy you don't say this. You have to pay for an oil. Check or you have to pay to get your carpets clean air conditioning. Fix You pay for all these things to keep your house going your car moven. We gotTA also sometimes pay to keep the marriage, but you know Brian I told you this, but. Look. All of you listening now when you tune into total Bellas, and probably how you felt about me in this episode, and you're going to have some of these feelings with me on the season finale, but sometimes there comes a point in her life that you know we go back and forth with a certain situation because we can't help what we're feeling, we can't help with. Environment were in or the people that surround us and opinions that they give us. and. This is what I. Told Brian. The end your relationship wasn't ready for the Child Wasn, but God knew that after Sedona he knew that now this is when these can bring a child into your life, and so don't listen to anyone who says like you're poor child, no child. If it came in at the wrong time, it came in when God new. You're ready same with artem and I like you're gonNA. See Tomorrow night on the season finale. I fight a lot of emotions feeling like. Did I get engaged too fast? Like was I own a high and then I get pregnant and I have to say that I. I tend to run from things and. And I fear commitment but I feel like it was God's doing his way of saying like no, you're the perfect place at the perfect time, and this is a gift of showing you the you are exactly where you're meant to be and so I know people have the same opinions about me. Because I've voice a lot. This season I was not ready to have a kid. I am now so ready to be a mom in so excited for it. It's something I've wanted my whole life and God knew this is the perfect time for it, so that's how I feel with your relationship. And your baby and I feel same with mine and I cannot wait. That this is the last time on the podcast that I have to say baby because starting next week. I am going to be using owner. Is it a verb or an adjective non natural? We'd be verb. Oh Garson placer thing, yeah! Shut you now. I mean announ. I wish those brain know. Brian not nearby, bree, not noun pro now. Oh, GOSH! I would have failed Okay Pronoun. By the way the voice of our producer came in so element I didn't even know Pronoun. I will be using the correct Pronoun from here on out and that excites me more than ever because. The feeling since I've known from that gender reveal that draws you. I think a bigger connection of knowing I get to do that with all of you and I just I'm very excited for. I can't actually wait till next week's episode because we are GonNa. Talk so much about it and we're going to talk about names and all these fun things you guys. It's going to be amazing, but we are actually so excited because up next we have. have one of our fellow WWe superstar someone. We have known forever that we've always been mind blown about his drive the way he inspires the way he speaks the way he never stops the way he is an insane dad to chew amazing boys member which I need to make this a drinking game. When she says insane, she means incredible amazing..

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