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That's eight eight zero K. and S. T. coming up after the the the next break here we are going to talk to you about a man who got tased while he was holding a one year old in his arms he's going to sue the a police department for five point five million dollar even though it was his fault he wants five point five million dollars remember it nothing is anybody's fault nothing bad happens to anybody just randomly through through their own through their own actions or what have you it's always somebody's fault and it's amazing that it always seems to be the fault of the people with the most money with the deepest pockets and that's what we're doing here so they'll be coming up wasn't a talk to you about the state of the economy right now pretty damn good if you were going to impeach a president this probably isn't the best time to impeach a president especially when you didn't do anything wrong certainly nothing that you have any proof of and the the economy is just humming along and by the way you'll see why the why the impeachment happened has happened they can't even decide if it's happened there's an argument going on and actually has some merit I don't necessarily agree with it but actually has some merit that says that trump hasn't yet been impeached because in order did they they have to complete the process they have to send the article over to the US Senate and remember trump was such a horrible dangers such a threat to the United States of America that we have to impeach him now we have to get this done now but we're gonna hold on to the articles of impeachment proving that was all just a political exercise anyway we're going to talk about the state of the economy all that's coming up we have been talking about to how most families what I hope to have a digital detox during the holidays again I don't know what that is like four and five parents are going to be what was said they'd be willing to go on a D. digital detox or to spend more time with their families but all you have to do is put the phone down if they're not gonna put the phone down that I can have a digital detox there's no old governmental agency there's no law that's going to do it but they also have a list of things I'm that parents would rather do with their families then for talk on the phone ten experiences that they would like to have it goes in descending order from ten they want to go to a holiday light show they want to go to the zoo or animal park that be really good especially if you live in areas like on the east coast or in parts of the country the middle part of the country where it's about ten twelve degrees outside right now you have to go to the zoo we weren't on our phones and we can't ever be on our phones again because our fingers froze and fell off so yeah go to the zoo sing Christmas carols thirty one percent said they want to sing Christmas carols that's a crock sit around and singing Christmas carols Hey kids mom's gonna make some waffle and they were all gonna wander around the neighborhood and sing Christmas carols neighborhood by neighborhood throw stuff at me if I did that plus my family can't sing we're not books of taboos who is literally what families are literally wandering around singing Christmas carols I mean I know you see that on TV that doesn't really happen and if it does nobody likes those people all right it's great and I mean this Christmas spirit all that stuff is great I love Christmas I love listening to the CD's of and Spotify at the Christmas folder that I go to all that kind of stuff nobody is really walking around going to quit singing Christmas carols go to a museum do traditional Christmas for a bake cookies that's fun ice skating and I mean if you can do that that's great decorate the tree takes twenty minutes travel somewhere where you get to travel somewhere we're gonna travel somewhere.

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