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Was hoping that she would come into our with me at some point but she says you come and do an hour now if all the other candidates there as well but she doesn't want she's done she's either done or is about to do an hour James Kids agree to do with me Lisa hasn't yet and emily was going to but it's gone remarkably silent. I don't need that to be fat to her. Her only objective is to get constituency instances penalties and a paving program. Is that going to help that. Probably not I'm. I'm genuinely surprised at how Emily's had such a tough time. Did you see the Tory party political broadcast this week. See I was thinking to myself which of the four Labor candidates could have actually carried off in the way that bursted did with guy and I came to the conclusion actually. Emily could've done but the other three probably couldn't that's really interesting. I thought was a really good ad for and kind of should send an absolute shivered. Spine of the Labor Party is waiting for the exposes actor. Now I don't think he lacks that cowboy a bit much. It's like where's the weapon. You're right but it kind of did fit in didn't it didn't look by. I know what you mean the whole music when I will allow change out of a goal for Brown just like I do actually think Lisa Nandy would be good not situation. I would probably be a bit awkward. I think probably Rebecca do Lisa. Nandy would be pretty good in that situation but what oh I thought was interesting in that advert. Was this freeze. You said it was about lending your I think I was powerful freeze. I was very smart. Freeze whoever wrote that for Boris Johnson. Because it comes across as not being arrogant it's not like they're claiming possession of these people's little absolutely they are talking about. Let's onto the reshuffle briefly. Tell me which remits tres. You have been impressed by. No this'll be a short conversation but we we all know who we rate in each of the different parties who do you think has actually proved themselves in their jobs so far and then there was silence. Well I'm genuine not saying this to be partisan because I tried to be as objective as I can. I do not think this is a cabinet. which is a normal cabinet and I think people are not really allowed to or able to shape their own department or be their impassioned person because everything's been dominated by breaks it so so far has been very very tight messaging on brexit dominic? Cummings has really ruled the roost priest in a pretty aggressive but effective. We saw anything any of them have been allowed to shine. None of them have live in in my view off agree with that in the they've goes for very small group of cabinet ministers that they put on the media. There's only four or five of them. Robot generate Richie. Sue Do not Brandon Lewis who else. That's about isn't it. Think about it. I mean Brandon. I think he was on. The first. More of the year is has always done question time. That's all over the suspect that those three are probably going to well. I mean brandon is a minister attending the camera high. They get rid of all of these ministers attending the cabin and just have a cabinet of twenty two twenty three. But I think he'll probably get promotion. And Richie soon knock. He's another one. He's attending he. Will I think it's a big department. Maybe business I'd probably would have thought he would stay where he is actually. He's he's made a bit of an impact yet. Woman problem hasn't ain't because all of the articles that you read are speculating that he wants to get rid of all women now. He's you're not going to do that. You just couldn't but there isn't a whole Phalanx of women. Ministers state level is caroline dying edge. Lucy Fraser those are the only to administer the state level. You think well yeah. They could go into the cabinet. There's a there's a other female junior ministers but none of them you can't think yet they would definitely be really good cabinet ministers. They probably need to minister state a difficult job to prove themselves. So there's a real dilemma for him that I was obstinately. And I think the optic we'll be terrible am am too to just junk. All the women ticky some of the women who've been pretty loyal to him on all the brexit stuff and did a lot of the heavy lifting. Look you know I knew. Fan of and Andrea. Let's however version of the media and I think she's got she's quite determinant. She's a survivor. That's a big thing. Think about Andrew. Why was just about to say I mean I'm not a fan of politics and all that comes thing? Yeah I would. I would agree with you and actually. She's been pretty impressive in parliament behind the scenes. She's done in a lot of stuff on the anti-bullying stuff. She really took on John Barracuda on the bullying stuff and she worked cross party with other women like Harriet. Harman Jo Swinson to introduce proxy voting in for for new female. MP's that had just had children. So I actually think she so I think it would be real shame to sort of just get rid of of somebody like her but I think the problem is bigger and it's more existential. I think the big test for this government is can it move from being very effective slow campaigning. Being sort of slogan machine. Get brexit done lenders. You've all that kind of thing to the very difficult very boring. Very sexy rule of delivering government policy and I was a civil servant for a long time before it was a special advisor in government. And actually you need a lot of people who are very effective boring middle managers to get things done in government. Have they got those people and will they allow those people to do those jobs. And we'll lose people have the ability because it's very easy particularly in politics right now to meet greet you know headlines by just saying outlandish things very polarized things. That's the easy bit of politics. The difficult cool stuff is delivering. I'm going to be fascinated to see. Is this budget because this budget is going to be so fascinating it. This is a party at the height of its powers eighteen majority. I don't think it will make up at the next election but probably likely to sort of go down height of pirates. Big Budget money where your mouth is time are. Are they going to you know really deliver and already. You're seeing a saw something this week about. Hi Sasha Javid is at war with Dominic Cummings. He's being called China's and chancellor in name only because there's such tensions so this is going to be the big test the fun bit in a way the fireworks are over you've won. They did brilliantly fairplay apply to them. Can they actually delivering. I agree with you on the budget. I think it's absolutely crucial that. This budget really sets the path for the next five years is such avid vit- radical Actually no evidence of him in previous jobs paying particular radically often talks a good game. But there's not much legacy when he moves onto another job and I think that's where some senior Tory those talking to you before he was appointed said he would be the worst appointment because he won't he hasn't gone. He's very conservative with a small. See and what you need now for. After brexit is a charter that will do some radical things. Yeah I completely i. I think we're going to learn a lot more. Oh from this budget than we normally would from a budget on one of the things I'm particularly interested in in tracking is the I think one of the reasons that the toys did variable other than breaks it but a message percentile that look the spending taps back on guys. We're really going to flood the north big infrastructure projects Blah Blah Blah. Now in the last couple of weeks you've seen messages coming out from the Treasury inside Javed's team saying well hang on a minute. Actually we may well be asking departments for carts now. That sounds a lot like authority to me. So you can't really have it. Both ways is a very interesting pace. I can't remember sort of somebody listed if you canceled. H as to how you could spend the money on all sorts of different infrastructure things in the north and the Midlands and and there are a whole load of them that would cost like eighty million one hundred million one hundred and fifty million. And you think that's what you need to be whether you ditch it just to not those are the things that people will notice difference in their local environments. And that's what they've got to do in five years time. They've got to be able to say to the voters of Bolton. Well this is what we've done in your ear to the voices of Halifax this is what we've done here. And those kind of infrastructure bonds they need infrastructure projects. They need to be started now so say five years time there are at least underway if not finished so that will be interesting stuff. A quick word about Diane Abbott and Johm Berko and the the Black Rod off of I interviewed the former black road last night. David Leakey who is shall we say he's got his dander up about Burqa Coke quite rightly in my view but Dina Abbott's tweet yesterday. She presumably saw what she then deleted. Effectively say that she didn't really believe David Lee because he was a genuine. How could a general possibly intimidates now thinking? I can't believe a black female lieber. MP could write something so crass when effectively effectively she say well. The victim shouldn't be believed. I was really flabbergasted by that because I thought that Diane would have a lot more empathy given the fact that she is one of the most bullied people on these shores. But also I've known Diane for a long time. I'm good friends with a dime but she's often been bean surprisingly sensitive and sympathetic to toxic masculinity. She worked with her when she was in. Alabama's front bench. She did a lot of work by a lot of the troubles. That boys and men have. She talked a lot about the need for focusing on them as well as women. You know all this kind of stuff so it just seemed extraordinary ornery and actually the other thing that we can have rammed whom to me. I listened a wee bit to Tom. Swore Bake who's sitting Eddie Mayor yesterday and he had a food in with a lot of 'em servicemen ringing in talking about the bullying they had experienced and the idea that you cannot be bullied because you have been a service matter ridiculous argument argument. I think she made a huge gaffe. She deleted the tweet but it was I. I don't know possess there it was. I don't understand listen cards on the table. I like John Becker. I've known John Becker for longtime that does not mean. I don't believe that the his victims. Why can't quite believe is why I had Jeremy Corbyn going to all this trouble? When Jeremy Corbyn is against the House of Lords there were tons of great labor? MP's lost their seats. Because of Jeremy Corbyn why is he losing all this tiny bit political capital. He's got let go. He doesn't have any on this matter. Bid To put John Back into the House of Lords. I don't understand it today. Minds though is just David Leakey alleging these things you could kind of understand people said well. That's one allegation. We've got to set against his everything else. He's done his great reforming speaker. And all that. But it's not just David Leakey. It is a multitude of people. All the people have been on Newsnight roy talking about Richard Rodgers Lewis Vein. I mean here is. Nobody's fool to my mind. I don't think he's it it. It should be ruled out that he should go to the hassles. But you've got to have this inquiry I and if he cleared then fine but it would be ridiculous for until you put it in the House of Lords bring the whole system into total disrepute even further to repeat it. I mean I I I cannot for the life of me understand but then are look who else leave. A party's nominating carry Murphy. Who is again you steeped in tons of pretty terrible? Bullying allegations along with a lot of bad behavior on the whole antisemitism thing thing so again I just feel the Labor Party has so lost. Its way on something that used to be so evidently Germain you. We are the party that always said look thank. You must listen to the victim..

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