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Warm back up. Right now we have 85 degrees in downtown Dallas News is brought to you by nations Pure water systems. A judge has ruled it Fort Worth I SD cannot require face coverings in school, at least for the remainder of the semester. WP apes cabins are says the second Court of Appeals has put in place a temporary injunction preventing the district from requiring face masks. In total, a group of parents and district officials go to trial. This latest ruling will restrict the district from imposing a mask mandate until the case can go to trial on January 17th 2022 the court's ruling, it says, in part that the district shall not deny any student or parent access into port organized the facilities based on a face covering nor act interrogation of any right enjoyed by a person wearing a face covering Jason Smith is a Fort Worth school district parent and gave w F a A TV. His Opinion on it. It made me scared and angry as a parent governor Habit is not a king or a dictator under Texas law and that school districts still have the power to protect kids from Covid by requiring masks in a statement for it worth, I s d said the district and the board stand firmly and strong, strongly encouraging all students and employees to wear a mask. While inside any Fort Worth I SD school or facility with Tropical Storm Nicholas expected to bring heavy rainfall and flooding to the Texas Gulf Coast, Fort Bend County Emergency management coordinator Mark Flat house says resources are on standby as we all know that live in the coastal area in the community. Things change, but we are prepared and we will be prepared for anything that comes our way. The storm is expected to dump as much as 10 inches of rain, possibly or even more in some different areas. North Korea is tested a new long range cruise missile said to be capable of hitting much of Japan. The tests reportedly saw missiles traveling up to 930 miles. Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street. The Dow up to 62 NASDAQ was off by 10 points at the Bell S and P 500 was up by 10 right now, 85 degrees in downtown Dallas. Tomorrow. We also expect partly cloudy skies and a high in the low nineties from the W B, a P News desk and Mickey Briggs. You're next update will be at 7 30 24 7 coverage is that w b a p dot com Inflation is here. Price increases grocery stores manufacturing. This is happening right now. Bottom line here at what happens next. Everybody's experiencing inflation will happen here. Very close attention was talking 20.

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