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But it's funny. Oh yeah oh yeah. Like the like that That justice league episode the other good apocalypse has save the justice league dark side. Is there news. Got the deep voice in so they give them like a like a call will they give him a loss and she takes it and then his voice changes and and it's weird al yankovic doing the voice of dark side yet in the movie to yes out his dark side because they even say they're like you sound like weird out. He's no weird. I was like the most evil person. Cyborgs jesse screaming. We're now treasure nice. Oh yeah he like he likes it. And i think that's the thing that was my friends. My grandson who is actually page He likes a wants go on occasion. It's good for kids. Who was your doors so and and younger kids. That i mean. 'cause i guess you could say king. Titans uber juwan was also geared toward kids. But a bit older than you than times. Go team go is definitely geared. So i'd say you're like i don't know ten maybe a little i mean there's there's enough humor. Nara think teenagers get it even like the adults on some sometimes throw in like eighty thought references and stuff and i think they're definitely they're gearing it which makes perfect sense with a superhero thing is like how you get kids involved in zuber euros. You want to make it for kids but also their parents in enjoy watching it with them and their parents can say. Oh hey using coming. So yeah yeah they definitely put a lot of jobs for the parents was the oh the tiny titans that was one of the incident. All news ninety. Same kind of thing with tiny titans. There were definitely some jokes in tiny titans that you had to be an adult read comics it get. There's the baby titans other baby else jerk so anything else. Good definitely weren't seventy seven minutes of your time. Exactly you can rent. I rented it on amazon for four dollars. i believe. so it's not it's not on The universe no. I don't think so again. I don't know this. Ivan looked at the university. The i mean. I think we'll such going to be going the way they were transferred. All the stuff over to hbo. Max and i looked on hbo. Max wasn't there. Yeah i think. I think they might have titans they might. Oh might have been just regular teen titans on teen titans go. They have some kind of team titans on. Hbo max but yeah the the that move. This movie was an honor..

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