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Operated one of the biggest Ponzi schemes of all time conning thing thousands of clients out of almost sixty five billion dollars spot the con- before it finds you listen to con artists search for and subscribe to Con Artists On Sure to stick around after this show to hear a clip of the first episode of Con Artists. Now back to the story time time is among the most important factors in the mysteries of what happened on Chappaquiddick island on the evening of July Eighteenth nineteen sixty nine because us of the fact that Ted Kennedy waited ten hours before alerting authorities. There was plenty of time for the important details of the case to be lost or or on a more sinister note. There was plenty of time for Kennedy to craft his story. Our second conspiracy theory is that Ted Kennedy he was either intoxicated or otherwise impaired when he crashed the car even if he wasn't this theory puts forth that something was off with his State of mind that night and whatever it was directly led to the crash and Mary Jo's death when the story of the accident I broke. There were two main in questions that arose. What was Mary Jo Kopechne e doing in Ted Kennedy's car and was Ted Kennedy Drunk Ted Kennedy. He didn't drive at least didn't often drive given his substantial personal fortune and high status as United States. Senator Ted had a chauffeured referred to cover. Most of his transportation needs in fact. Ted's personal chauffeur. John Crimmins was at the cottage party on Chappaquiddick island on the night of the incident. prims was a guest. That's considered to be true but he was also there in some capacity as Ted Kennedy's driver river so when Ted Kennedy prepared to leave. Why didn't crimmins leave with him when asked later? Ted stated that he didn't want to pull crimmins wins away from the party to take him home. CRIMMINS was still enjoying his meal and the company. It's odd the crimmins would be preoccupied with a meal since it was after eleven at night when Kennedy made to leave that maybe that really was the case given the full day of partying and relaxing. There's one thing to note here though we're unsure what to read into it. According to the official account Ted Kennedy retrieved his car keys from crimmins after Mary. Jo asked him for a ride home. This could mean that Ted was planning on having crimmins drive him home until Mary. Jo asked for a ride. If he wasn't planning on driving he might have been drinking. Mary Jo by all accounts was a smart capable woman and it would have been very out of character for her to be drinking drinking heavily at an event like this but she hadn't driven herself to the party and thus wouldn't have needed to worry about keeping an eye on her drinking. There are some uncorroborated reports that she had drunk at least some amount of alcohol at the party. She may not have been impaired but she also may not have noticed if Ted was not in a condition to drive now crimmins was both Kennedy's driver and occasional aid he knew the man well and it's not a stretch to to assume that he would have noticed if Ted was too drunk to drive himself. The fact that he handed over the keys to the car would seem to indicate that as far as the partygoers eighty goers were concerned. Ted was only fine the big discrepancy that may lead one to ask if Ted was drunk or not has to do with the geography a Chappaquiddick island.

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