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President Trump, Executive, Jim Cross discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Morning. I'm Jim Sharpe. Ula. Saint Arizona's morning news big developments overnight in President Trump's plan for the southern border. We don't want them in this country. If they wanna come into the country, you have to apply that is our top story. Here's jayme. West KTAR is on immigration, President Trump says he wants to end birthright citizenship and says he can do it with an executive order KTAR's. Jim cross begins. Our live team coverage Jamie yesterday, the president telling Fox News he plans to put tent cities along the border to house those across the border illegally. Then the president told HBO's axios, you can definitely end birthright citizenship an act of congress. But now believes he can do just an executive order. Trump did not say when he might sign that order, and it has to end have you talked about that with council. So we're in the process in the process it'll happen. Executive order, man. Just moments ago, Senator Lindsey Graham twitted the policy a birthright citizenship is absurd. Says he plans to introduce legislation along the same lines as the executive order proposed executive order from President Trump live in the news center. Jim cross KTAR news. I'm KTAR's Ali vetnar this morning. Democratic Senate candidate cure Cincinnati joined Arizona's morning news with a focus on immigration after the president's recent comments about a potential tent city to point for asylum seekers waiting for their court date cinema didn't say whether she was for or against the idea. However, the individuals who come to our countries seeking asylum need to get in front of a judge and have their case processed as quickly as possible. That's why I've supported legislation to increase funding for federal judges in immigration court. Republican Senate candidate Martha mcsally will join Arizona's morning news tomorrow morning live in the news center. I'm Ali vetnar KTAR news. Not.

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