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Missing. They told police wrote it was last seen with harm. In who they knew only as a mysterious police officer wrote ahead and seeing police attempted to find the mystery man, but were unable to come up with any leads rotas friends began their own investigation and manage to track Fritz Harmon to his apartment when rotas friends told the police they identified Fritz as the man wrote ahead last been seen with in nineteen eighteen the police failed to act immediately. They were reluctant to search Fritz Harman's apartment since he was a trusted informant. Eventually, though, the rota family pressured the police into conducting a raid weeks after rota went missing officers burst into Harman's one room apartment. The phone Fritz Harmon with a half naked thirteen year old boy. Fritz was terrified he'd thought. He was above suspicion and never expected to be raided by the police unannounced. It was for this reason he still had the severed head of freetyle rota wrapped in newspaper and stash behind his stove weeks after the murder. Luckily for him the commanding officer had not been ordered to search the room. So Fritz Harmon was arrested while the apartment went on searched Fritz was charged with sexual assault and battery of a minor and sentenced to nine months, but he managed to avoid serving the sentence for over a year by moving addresses and dodging the police during his time on the run he met eighteen year old. Hans Crohn's Crohn's was another runaway who had been sleeping on the streets prior to meeting Fritz grants had heard rumors that Harmon solicited male sex workers he spotted Harmon at Hanover station and desperate for money attempted to sell his body. Harman took Ron's back to his apartment, but the relationship blossomed pass that first night the two began seeing each other frequently and became lovers over the course of several months Fritz became infatuated. With Crohn's Fritz later stated grens was like a son to him among other things. He also claimed he had saved grants from the ditch in nineteen nineteen the to move into the home of a widow Frau, burn steel together. They didn't stay anywhere long for six months. Groans and Fritz moved from place to place the stress avoiding police made Fritz prone to tantrums. The couple was kicked out of at least one home for having loud arguments late at night. But they always made up afterward Harmon was finally caught when Frau burns deal. The widow. He was renting from reported him to police after he hit her. He was at last forced to serve time for the assault of the thirteen year old boy in March. Nineteen twenty once released he quickly regained the trust of the police and reestablished his role as informant by flattering detectives and making show of attempting to reform life Fritz Harman's meek apologies always seem to win out over his past misdeeds and the police who worked with him thought he was a genuinely nice man all the way up to his final confession a year after his release from prison. Fritz now forty two and Hans grens nineteen moved again this time into a dingy ground-floor apartment near the lineup. River things were quiet for over a year for its legal troubles continued. But calm during this period. Conversely, his romantic life was anything. But calm Fritz. And Hans fought constantly though, Fritz was in love with Crohn's grens often treated Fritz with undisguised contempt at other times grants showed Fritz great. Action and would come for his anger by kissing him passionately, the two had a strange to mull Chua station. Ship strange is an understatement. Fritz told the police during his confession that he was aware grounds manipulated him. Then even mocked him behind his back on multiple occasions, Fritz kicked grants out of the apartment following fiery arguments during these rows grens would insult Fritz while Fritz angrily accused and threatened him. Each time a few days later for its would apologize and beg for grants to come back. Fritz said the despite their problems he needed the validation grants provided he said he had to have quote, someone I meant everything to and quote, one of these explosive fights occurred soon after Fritz and Hans grants had moved into the ground floor apartment for. It's just finished serving time for assault after narrowly avoiding arrest for the murder of frito rota right after moving in free. Was convicted of burglary and sentenced to serve six months in a labor camp. When the six months ended he returned to the apartment and found the place ransacked, many of his belongings had been stolen and sold as he soon found out by grands. In addition Fritz discovered grants had stolen and spent his military pension checks in a rage Ritz, kicked grants out the next day grens waited for Fritz to leave the apartment, then he and a friend broke in and further cleaned, the place out Fritz saw this as the ultimate betrayal.

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