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This is john swift and you're listening to discover lafayette a podcast dedicated to the people people and rich culture of lafayette the gateway to south louisiana we tape in the offices of writer solutions located in the light center in lafayette raider offers offers a complete fleet of IT solutions for businesses of all sizes if you're wondering if writer can help your business please visit reiter solutions dot com i'd also also like to thank iberia bank for it support founded in eighteen eighty seven iberia bank the largest bank based in louisiana and is headquartered in lafayette with three hundred twenty i five combined locations throughout the south they offer the resources of a national bank with the personal touch of a community bank please visit iberia bank dot com for more information asian and lastly thank you for the support of lafayette general health as a katy anna's largest nonprofit community on regional health system lafayette general l. health is committed to restoring maintaining and improving health in the communities it serves for more information visit lafayette general dot com our guest today is cassie doyle a- laughing at native who is becoming well known for writing feature length films that successfully made it to television screens for christmas twenty nineteen to upcoming movies will premiere on lifetime and they're entitled the road home for christmas and radio christmas in two thousand eighteen to other christmas films cassie road aired on lifetime christmas in tennessee and at christmas contract a christmas contract was filmed right here in lafayette cassie graduated from lafayette in moving image arts she moved to new york city in two thousand fifteen in initially served as an assistant for small jewelry design company then as an assistant at an networks where she made contacts in the industry and started writing movies she's a member of the writers guild and is currently working on some new projects that are not related to the christmas season cassie welcome to discover lafayette take you for and let's also welcome my daughter taylor taylor swift who's one.

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