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Find the apartment of their dreams but maybe you're looking for a townhouse or Condo. It's easy to find all on apartments dot com change your apartment. Change your world. Yeah well this welcome to the lady gang say that again already things are about to change around here each week we catch up with Hollywood's hottest girl Posse kilty night becca Tobin at Jack Vanik lady game. I am back to Tobin here with Jack Panic and Kelty now and Mike is off here you go. You'll arrived the one time that we haven't done a test beforehand and it didn't work I know what did you a test test but you didn't. I guess I didn't really remember about you got you. Were on this hewer on this podcast real deck Gary Girl. I'm sorry you guys what Oh God no. I got to be honest. All we saw our guest today. We did like the other part I and I thought she might be not cool but I thought she might be like shy and do you remember when she's so she came in and she started with east infection story. Oh Yeah I was like your are people. You know it always is such a nice surprise. When somebody is really cool I know I think most people aren't young the most successful people aren't I think her? The reason she's cool is 'cause. She started.

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