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Romantic drama. Call me by your name. The Italian director Luca guate- Nino returns with suspicion area. A remake of dairy OR gentiles nineteen seventy seven horror film of the same title. The new version is set in nineteen seventy seven at a Berlin dance academy. It stars Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson. Film critic Justin Chang has this review of suspicious. In the nineteen seventy seven Italian slasher movie, so spirit, a young American woman joins a German dance academy that turns out to be run by witches Dario are Gento turned that threadbare story into an art. Nouveau fever dream drenched. In candy, apple blood and a demon possessed music box of a score once reviled as camp, but long since embraced as a horror classic suspicion has haunted the dreams of many movie goers. None more. So than Luca guate- Nino who has spent more than thirty years trying to remake it you can understand why the director of such viscerally erotic romances as call me by your name. And I am love would respond to suspend for its lush stylistic possibilities alone. So it's surprising that this new movie departs from the original in every way imaginable. The visual palette is cold and grey Guarino has drained away, the bright, lurid colors, and most of the shocks and crowded the story with historical detail. At two and a half hours this spirit runs a full hour longer than the original. And it takes its time creeping into your veins, but creep, it does the movie is a hoot and a folly. But it's also a marvel a magnificently obsessive vision that comes to feel less like a remake than a rebirth. It's nineteen seventy seven the year of the deadly German autumn, and the still divided city of Berlin is reeling from the violent acts of the radical Red Army Faction also known as the Baader Meinhof gang. Into this chaos comes Suzy banyan, a strikingly self possessed young woman from Ohio who has just joined the prestigious Helen, Marcos dance company. Susie is played by Dakota Johnson who starred in the fifty shades of grey trilogy, and is thus no stranger to subjecting herself to extreme physical exertions. The company specializes in a form of modern dance. Notable for its forceful aggressive choreography, which expresses an embodies the traumas of Germany's war-torn past and present the director Madame Blanc is played by Tilda Swinton, an actress with natural sorcery in her veins. She begins preparing Suzy for the lead role in an upcoming peace working, especially on her jumps. But Madame Blanc is also clearly grooming her for a darker purpose. When you dance the dance of another. You make yourself an image of its creator. To yourself said that her work can live within you. Do you understand? Yeah. Company. Now, you have.

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