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Friends Trivia. I'm hoping this'll help bridge the gap because we have no friends access right now which is fun to say. TBS literally showing fifty episodes a week of friends. And who has cable thing by don't but I've TBS and who life. So yeah. I feel alive I wonder. Can you buy all the seasons on Amazon. Just do that so there. You can't China's said that was her no speech. I'm not sure why character she's trying yeah. I don't know why either I'm so tired but then you got to you don't want to in DVD. No I don't know if they have them as digital downloads on itunes is look into this. Okay reads the something. Well here's how it goes. I have three rounds of questions one for each of you in each round you can do rock paper scissors goes I. There's no bias liason to WHO GETS which question they get harder as the game goes on and there's a tiebreaker. If we are tired after three rounds okay. What paper scissors rocket boosters? Okay so you can buy my friends on Itunes Okay and looks to be about twenty bucks. A season might be worth it ten seasons so hundred bucks little seasons would be more than there'd be two hundred two Hundred Bucks Twenty Times ten by your favorite ones okay ready. I mean. We're just a season to just hold me over okay. Rock paper says it here we go. Yeah go rock. Paper scissors go.

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