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Good lookin Wednesday morning Mike McConnell welcome one of them's a cloud of I mentioned this is a couple of those states and their speech codes as to what you can and cannot say you cannot call a heterosexual straight because it implies L. G. B. T. folks are crooked elsewhere they don't want terms like brother and sister no gender specificity you refer to that person as your sibling no fraternity or sorority those words are gone it was to be collegiate Greek system residents shut up also male female freshmen Mr Mrs ms we don't want any of those the following are categorized as insensitive to African Americans the word cake walk food coma and peanut gallery and I don't know why I don't know why you don't know why Asian Americans might be offended by long time no see because it might sound like Chinese pidgin English same goes for the phrase no can do let me say that's amazing much as Bobby one no can do hip hip parade is now considered a Holocaust reference the words starving as events of the people who are in secure about food saying you're addicted to Netflix your pizza is insensitive to those who are truly experiencing drug addiction you can't make it up hold down the fort is offensive to Indians now but no Indian ever said that hold down the fort was insensitive someone just follow up hold down the fort and also to support the use was a bear in mind that there are other countries besides America in North America so you shouldn't call yourself an American you're a resident of the United States however there are other countries I mean Mexico's official name is axe the United States and Mexico so it's not very specific to say about either you have to say United States of America it's a lot of countries used to be called the United States I found a couple of more passing along here in a minute when we got what we got about six thirty nine so look at the bluebird been traffic weather and sports all gone Hey Alexis tell me something good getting seven hundred W. L. W. from I heart radio for all your vehicle care you.

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