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I kind of believe him that he's that modest but i also think there's something doesn't it feel like we always credit the coach when there could on defense you know what i'm seeing here brad stevens steve kerr and quin snyder at utah all have something in common k pat riley was known the old guy three hour practices i run the team all make the decisions heavy noticed with brad stevens steve kerr and quinn's neider it's all about loving the players as players have gotten richer longer guaranteed deals pat riley three hour practices drive drive drive my way the highway that style does not work in the nba anymore this is always been a players league now supermax it is over now as players are joining with each other brad stevens not me did you hear the steve kerr vite last night in the first quarter of the game when they asked curve with a great moment steve kerr they asked him about the team and steve kerr who played on championship teams and was at one point the best report sooner in the league says when i watched my guys play here's what i know he went out of the way to make sure everybody knew he didn't think he could play in this league any more yeah like like you you got it's not necessarily coddling players it's saying listen man in order to attract more great players in these dynasties you've gotta be pro player and i think pat riley sometimes mark cuban to their the star not the player and it's a turnoff for players so the new england patriots actually had kind of a down year defensively last season they were ranked twenty ninth in total defense they do that kind of bend don't break thing but now the patriots are coming up with an interesting approach to improve their pass rush the team is bringing in a martial arts expert to work with their defensive line yeah it kind of makes sense you do you actually use your hands allot in pass rushing you have to kind of get you have to kind of smack people around how bella check is this i i know the out of the boston everybody's got a sports psychologist i think once you're really good you can focus in on the details and minutia like again when a country starts.

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