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All right. Got the Justice. James BOND reference who your waiter Marlin. Can I get a Martina, please? Says here row when you meaning a disagreement rhymes with now. Oh, okay. But I like your fish joke. Well, thank you. I'm in for fish, fish eggs, is that spelled R E, bro. A solid joke. Might have been more solid on paper next time right now is this infusion of everything alcoholic is this just for board eccentric alcoholics. Tell me you've never gotten to bottle of Chopin vodka thrown a couple of strawberry. Jolly ranchers in there and drank two days later. Nope. Never done. Sounds like fun. I guess, but no I haven't neither. So what the kids are doing? I don't think I could forced on anything with clamato juice. Nobody's drinking that. Plus, you get pulled over other cops. I guess you've got a good excuse no officer, Edmund drinking at all. She is hot. That was disgusting. Saying somebody's drinking tomato. It's still on the shelves business. Dean does don't you? Yeah. Really? Yeah. Loves Kamado, juice nice, fresh taste of liquid claims. Tomato. Do they call it v? Eight her. Remember the? Absolutely. I never got me to drink one. But. I'm sorry. Now, we've had some pretty exciting news stories this morning. I think apparently bats are invading every NBA facility in the country. What's with all of our junior windbags wrote in and said. NBA arena is much. Like k thank you, sir. It's an honor to be in the junior windbags. I would I was asked to junior win. When I was asked to become the CEO CFO went back corporation with the wind. I was. Across america. Yeah. This is true. That is what the third NBA game. That's been disrupted by bats in the last couple of weeks, and it just keeps on happening. It's pretty interesting because it never let them score while they give him a ball every now and then a bat ball. Now, you promise something about the zoo. And what was it again? Yes. Zoo in Texas will name a cockroach after your ex before feeding the insects to their mere cats. I quit bugging me event will take place at two fifteen in the afternoon on Valentine's Day at the El Paso zoo. You can submit the names of your ex partners by direct messaging, the zoos Facebook page, the exhibit will also be decorated with the names before the cockroaches are fed to the mammals. She's a cockroach the event will be streamed online. So you get to even watch. Yes. Yes. But don't you running the risk if you're turning your girlfriend into a cockroach or boyfriend? Yeah. Yeah. Now, they're going to survive the nuclear holocaust. Eaten by a mere cat. I'm in. This may be irradiated ace lemme ask you, can you pay extra to have a have a Weiner fed to a lion. Ladies all that might be more cathartic for the good. Yeah. Just did. We write your name on a Weiner Chow CHU. I wish grudges like see. That's what I was just gonna ask because. Three of you have had other had what you call legal entanglements or whatever. You can try. Do you have any ill-will toward your ex ace here comes I don't know. Okay. Other really fester by I didn't like the way it ended. Okay. I'll never forget that. I see. I don't have any. What was the burial of the cremation? Let me show you a few numbers. Tom. On this team. But there is in bankruptcy. Wasted. Another is there's an I do and Baker. What did occur to me? Me to ever go somewhere and go. Hey, I hate my ex let me name a cockroach. Sounds like a day as much as I love hooters wings. It wouldn't occur to me to take a photo of an X in there. And have it be ripped up there? Josh the wings. They're free. I just agree. Random picture in there and get their free. Yeah. No kidding. Or take may baby. Take Xs aces X in there. Picture on my. Have you ever kept? The I ordered like a bunch of frames. From a month ago. I still have like ten or twelve left, and they're just sitting in the closet. When you get a frames picture in there. There's a picture. Yeah. I just put those up. Josh does when you're single people know, look lovely woman dogs. Yeah. We can't you can't stay here. Too long. My lovely girlfriend might be back any minute. Only hang goes up on the delivery guys show when the table bringing me my Chinese or my pizza or whatever. Now, the families waiting for dinner. I was wondering why you want ten spoons the pudding obvious. Out in the shower. In fact on that. Yes. I have lied while ordering food because I embarrassed at how much I was getting more than that. Yeah. Well in and he's ordered food I've ordered through to arrives. And they just assume that it's for like eighteen people I've gotten home with a bag of Taco Bell. And there are five sports. They thought this was for a family. When you call it just say we need. I will I keep your fake. Cover the cover the phone thing and go, Honey. Did you want the crunchy kinda doubt? Okay. I have done that. And and and the drive through. I have said we would like even though I'm pulling up and nobody's. But I wanna make it. One of them home your family..

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