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Boj you ask them to. Do you find those right find the manual processes and find the cross team mismatching that you expect this person to be the jack-of-all-trades There's the second part of the jack-of-all-trades sentence master of none. If you find the master of everything hold onto that person give them a bear hugs. I've had a few of them in my career. they're typically all vp's of marketing cmo's at amazing orbs right now but hold onto him as long as you can't but you're not going to be the norm for us to set that up and literally tell everybody the thing that you want you desire dream to take off their plate. Don't take the thing off their plate. They're good at a new sense. Take the thing off replace. they're bad at. they hate. guess what that does break silence recitals. Those were some really excellent points and that was perfect. Segue into the next question because it's talking about some ways that a fractured b2b marketing team can effectively. And and and again. This is quoting you. Talk suffi- the organization using an ai powered approach and it at least from what you've been saying the past couple of minutes at strikes me as you are you and your organization are using data to turn potential pushbacks muscle much politics but like.

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