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Liam Mike's Car Wars, the official car wars of the Cincinnati Bengals. Michael also donate $1 your purchase to the Anthony Munoz Foundation. So far this season, we've raised $54,456 way to go Bangle fans. Now she covers the Bangles with features videos and stories throughout the week, and we're looking back at stories throughout the year. Marissa what a year it has been for Angles and for football, That's certainly write box you look at, you know 2020 as a whole for Aziz difficult and unusual as a year that we've had. There has been a lot of good that that's happened with the Bangles. I mean, starting off looking back things in January when they were down there coaching the Senior bowl and, you know, getting a couple of key guys with Logan Wilson and Akeem Davis gator that came out of that that They're now Bangles. I mean, I think that you're started off pretty strong when you look it, um you know them starting Tomo value a talent and then I mean, of course, rolling right into the draft, and obviously getting the guy in Joe burrow, but but not just burrow box and you look at the rest of the stretch class. You know, I think the Bangles really did a nice job and they hit where they needed to hit When you look at tea, Higgins And the season that he has been having guys like you know who came and energy having to, you know, get some start stepping up when he needs to. So you know, looking on early in the year and then, of course, the unusual off season with covert and NFL protocols and everything changing. Just never expecting to have to navigate that the way that they did with having virtual camps and virtual meetings and not getting as much face to face time as there usually used to box you know, it was interesting in that, you know, you knew the pandemic was upon us, but then, as it started become more prevalent in the day to day Factors of how we lived and operated football just took on a whole different dimension, especially even for us. I mean, you know, we were usually close to the players, and now we're on the scaffolding. We everybody's wearing the alert systems, and it just was a new brand of football. It really was. Yeah. You mentioned with the trackers and getting tested on a daily basis and Just every every little thing that you kind of might have taken for. Granted in the usual year was just so different in this type of year. But you know, you really have to give a lot of props and credit, Tomo not only the training staff and the coaches and the rest of the staff here who had to really alternate plans and and the way they used to go out of business toe change into the environment. That kind of we've grown accustomed to now, over the last 456 months here. But faction to another Really great thing that had come out of 2020 is the inspired change movement with the NFL, and you know, having those difficult conversations and you know, bringing a more just and equal You know, lifestyle to not only here in Cincinnati, but really making it across the country, and you know, it all started when the Bangles marched over to the Freedom Center. Earlier this summer and really making it known that black lives do matter and wanting to do more through the P C. I C and partnering with black owned to create the stripes don't come easy campaign, So there's really been ah lot in the community and equality and you know injustice that's really come out of this year. You know that's a great point, and I did pick up my black owned stripes don't come easy Apparel looking forward to sporting that, but I think all in all one of the other things that sticks out for me this year was the improved on. I'm going to say a Pro bowl play of Jesse Bates, even though he did make the Pro Bowl. I think Jesse Bates really solidified himself as a player in this league. I could not agree more with you. I think that was one of the biggest Pro bowl snubs of the year and you just look at his statistical numbers. He's right up there with the best safeties in the league and You also look at what I'll see he does on the field that's not necessarily gets marked down as a stat. I just cannot believe he was not a Pro Bowl selection this season, but it is really great to see the strides that he has taken. In year. Three. Um and you know, this can't wait to see what he's gonna do in your four then. Right, Right, right. My last reflects their 2020 is finally beating the Pittsburgh steals. That was That's definitely one of the highlights here in tow and the 2020 season and not just Eating them Box on Monday night, but the way they beat them having to have that next man up mentality yet again, Prime time and the fact that because of Cove it and the pandemic we can't have a full house here, Paul Brown Stadium. Fans were electric for that game. It was such a fun environment in a fun atmosphere. And, you know, talking about getting that went to that get some when MO mentum going into Houston and now into this week, and you know, ending the season on the right note. No question. We're in this segment on the right note by wishing you all the best in the new year. Thank you Box. Happy New Year to you as well. All right, thank you. We'll be back with more of countdown to kickoff presented by ballpark buns.

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