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Word grass i'll well they're slim slim's center wrestle leaner long body from from eating grass grandson thin because anybody who eats grass won't be for sure i mean electra now well council just machines we invented to turn grass into stake as shows so my wall i never heard that that's what that's what it is with that is awesome i'm starting at own creation bill wild state cows wandering of milk cows terrorizing got just see now she has some grass you look delicious okay so for jane goodall to study chimps in the way she did right she had to figure out how to get close enough to them to make these observations something other people hadn't thought to do figured out was necessary and so something that had never been done before so i asked her how she did it so it's check it out if i were champ and i saw you coming event way run away what what is the what was your tactic i found a peak and with my binoculars i sat there and i could actually begin learning quite a bit about tim's from the food set of different cold sabre making a could see how they bent over brunches to make steepen pet foams onus night gradually the chimpanzees used speaks i wasn't frightening them i will the same colored clothes every day didn't try to get too close too quickly and eventually they realized i wasn't a scary as i had thought and then came the scary bit for me because having realized i was some scary they treated me a little bit as though i was accountable and they tried to chase me away as as if i was a leopard screaming at me and waving branches and charging positon you know about ten times stronger than me so i just pretend.

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