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The mix Master, there's a stall head of the South side on I 20 East by the JJ Lemon. Two lanes are blocked by an accident. It's backed up past Bonnie View. With Kayla of traffic on the fives I've build Jack I'm meteorologist Brad Barton. Quite a few schools of clothes from the big country through Central Texas this morning due to some multi inch snows west and the south of us about three inches of Weatherford 4.5 of Waco, 6 to 8 inches down to Stephenville, but only a trace here and we're clearing out today behind your 47 this afternoon Light north winds lows 28 30 overnight. Nice warming trend sets in with 53 tomorrow 60 Wednesday, 65 on Thursday and then turning cooler with upper fifties Friday and Saturday. I'm K l i f W b a P meteorologist Brad Bark. It's 36 degrees in Dallas, 34 in McKinney and 35 in Fort Work. A lot of news time now 706 a winter storm coated parts of North Texas with as much as an inch to up to eight inches of snow yesterday. Or Texans had some fun in the rare white stuff. This little girl used a comb as a microphone to play weather Reporter high lining. The rain came picking today will be introducing know they know today and there's a lot of know that there's still on everyone. Scooch whether I go, Everyone's having fun out of this Now. Now back seat. She isn't I know she has a future on Brad Retire some day, Boy Should we have her on at 7 15 so forwards got about an inch. Weatherford, 3 to 4 inches, Stephenville, which is about an hour so southwest of Fort Worth, got eight inches of the white stuff. Texas health providers. Getting doses of the covert 19 vaccine this week will include 28 providers. It'll focus on large community vaccination efforts. That's according to state health officials. Department of State Health Services,.

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