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Say April twenty fifth because, it's not too. Hot not to call all you need. Is a light jacket So she misinterpreted the question that was. Miss Congeniality who was that answering. The. Question is that. A famous actress. Now she. Was, miss. Rhode Island. In, the movie can't tell you her real name okay that's pretty good. Like Kennedy's here great answer yeah right it's accurate no so there is there's. A study out there by the blueberry council blueberries the US highbush. Blueberry language u.. S. h. that's the? One that's better so they say? The average American has fifteen perfect days a year that is it does that depress, you what would that. Day look like Kennedy the, day looks, like waking up having a strong Cup of coffee or tea, or an energy shot, having a great workout folding some laundry, and then I'm going to, say it would. Be not Disneyland but probably cedar point Park in the middle of the country with big. Roller coasters and. Normal people and then? Spending the evening around a campfire? Eating gluten free s'mores singing songs drinking big red and Jack fire and that happened, last time you did. That was I'm doing that, next week, okay so I'm I'm looking forward to it but anything in, Hawaii as well okay Do you get up early swim in. The. Ocean and, then you know snorkel with, my girls all day long the. Lava Brian if you're, a wuss Brian Finding money in your, pocket, fifty eight, percent That's always, get free money waking up to an alarm a, sleeping in without waking up to one fifty five percent. Lying in bed listening to the rain fifty. One percent one is wrong with these people they go to an. Institution and doable I'm not you not my alarm. Receiving, end of a small act of kindness receiving in forty. Nine percent hot heading dog, forty eight percent and performing a small active.

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