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Gov slash live dash insurance for more information Coupled tiko via 1228 Graphic and weather are the 8 here's rich hunter All right still no change on 95 95 remains closed in Virginia in several stretches the longest stretch being on the south outside between center port Parkway and the rappahannock again delays extend all the way back into woodbridge headed south on 95 express lanes and I have not been available They've been closed due to icy conditions They were trying to get them open so they could utilize them to get some folks off the main line of 95 but that continues to be a process not in effect as of yet Now on the north downside the closures between lady Smith and thornberg and then again between garrisonville road and triangle and this is due to icy conditions multiple crashes disabled vehicles broken down tractor trailers Again they are trying to get folks off the interstate safely but they're also handicapped by the fact that stretches of route one are shut down Some major cuts roots like Joplin road closed Russell wrote his clothes near Quantico ladysmith road is closed each way east of 95 due to icy conditions and also a couple of stretches of U.S. three L one in Virginia are also closed Due to icy conditions and one stretch in Carroll and king George counties closed due to a large tree down across the road where they haven't been able to get a tree crew out there to clear that from the road so please again if you have to travel tonight avoid the main roads on 95 U.S. one three O one They are all more or less stop now as a result of multiple issues On the Maryland side on the atala near branch avenue they were trying to get a disabled vehicle out of the roadway that had been blocking the right side of the road you were getting by two lanes to the left 29 north and Montgomery county has been closed for several hours as a result of a serious crash under investigation at last check that remained the same between Maryland 200 and the interchange for bridge Cheney road That had been closed nor found for several hours rich hundred W utopia traffic Very cold and icy conditions for the morning drive stay off the roads if you can We're seeing a refreeze potential It is likely that we will see very icy conditions once again for your Tuesday morning The.

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