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I think the linebacker position in the nfc east is in good hands. Right now with mike. Parsons engine in davis which sucks for the new york giants because the second level defenders who can drop into cupboard and can be effective as blitzer which i believe davis and mike parsons bolt will be. It's going to be annoying for the giants going to be annoying for our protection. Package that consists of an elder statesman. Being will hernandez was twenty. Five years old some manipulation. They're going up against incredible athletes. When it scheme to properly by guys like dan quinn and by guys like jack. Del rio solid defensive coordinators. And i mean. You can't get much worse than worse than what mike nolan was last year. So it's going to be annoying. Let's go onto the cornerbacks now though all right my number one cornerback in this division. Don't believe this is home. Arisen the secondary from the new york giants. Willy billy solid end. James bradbury has a shot. I would say to be considered as a top five cornerback in the national football league last year. now he didn't run too many men coverage assignments. I mean patrick. Ram was much more zone oriented. But you would see him on the backside of through by one sets lined up against true number one type receivers in meg coverage which is man everywhere he goes and he did solid doing and then when they were in zone the giants always roll their safeties tour towards the opposite side of where james bradbury was entrusting james bradberry with that covered so having that stable quarterback one is is very advantageous for defense playcallers. 'cause then you can roll your safety coverage and your other zone coverages towards a bigger liability which giants had last year. But this year. They don't and i'm going to go into who the third cornerback was right. Now since it's a new york giant. And that is a dory jackson okay and there are a couple different corners. You can go with here. So i've slept at four corners one's going to be a slot in the second boundary corner. We'll get into in a little bit but then we have a third guy. Who's a little bit more interchangeable. That's dorie jackson because dory jackson. Ken lineup in the slot. He did that for the tennessee. Titans plenty of times. And he's also a boundary cornerback. Who has the hips and athletic ability. To play. man cupboard has shown discipline. At the line of scrimmage and is solid at the catch point being physical and isn't a liability as a run defender despite the fact that he's a bit undersized now his issues have been due to injuries and things like that. It came back last year. Got torched by davante adams in the snow up in green bay. We can try the toss that season out. Okay we can but we need to see young player. Be healthy in a system that i feel. I can really unlock his skill. Set and with coaches like jerome henderson. Like patrick ram that can really maximize what he can do. And he's only twenty five years old right now. Like i considered william jackson the third who are longer cornerback. Maybe not a scheme versatile who was just signed by the wash him football team to make this list. He's a twenty eight year old player. But i think dorie jackson could be in for a really special season under the tutelage of this specific coaching staff. And you know what. The coaching staff and a team thinks as well because they invested a lot of money into him. So i brought dorie jackson and to be the second corner or the third cornerback of this group of the second. Cornerback is darius slay yet. He's thirty years old. But i don't believe he's falling off all that much right now. I really don't think it was a bad year for philadelphia. And now you're going to see him kinda restabilize or at least attempt to re stabilize himself on this philadelphia. Eagles team that you know what. There's not a lot of positive outlooks for philly right now but when you watch the film you could still see. That sleigh has has a good skill set to back to back up his play right now now. It's not as dominant as it was when he was on the detroit. Lions and he was manning up number one receivers. But i do believe it's still solid enough to be the number two cornerback that i would select from this division because it's kind of a drop off after daria slanting bradbury's a clear cut one like i thought blake martinez was clear-cut first linebacker mainly due to experience. Because you could make an argument. That mike parsons actually is or german. Davis possibly is because mike parsons is very very unique as an athlete and as a football player rookies. So you've got the experience. They prove in their productive now. Bradberry is that as well. He really took an the next step. And patrick graham system. Which is something. I really wanna hit home. Both blake martinez. James bradberry leonard williams are veteran players. Who played with multiple defensive coordinators yet. They have just unlocked their potential. They actualized what they can do on the football field. And let's not forget it. The reason why that's happening is because this coaching staff putting these players into the optimal positions. Because of patrick ram. It's because of joe judge. That is a great thing to recognize about this young coaching staff. And when joe judge got this team when he said we want teachers. We don't want coaches. We want to teach these guys and it seems like all. Three of those veteran players really took their game to the next level within patrick graham system. They're feeding off the. There's a confidence there and you can even group injured girl peppers internet groups four veteran players there. That's an awesome realization to come to. Let's hope it kind of carries into twenty twenty one. But that's what james bradberry did he really just came into his own and he was a solid above average player. A really solid number. Two i think is how i classified him coming out of carolina. You know that is a really solid number two cornerback. He might not be a number one. But under patrick graham and what he did last year he certainly was a number one. I mean he was always around. The football is quick. Closed was great. His vision and his route con is understanding of route concepts of winter. Break when to his spatial awareness. Just all those things kind of all came together and force a lot of turnovers whether it was him knocking the ball in the air for an interception for darn homes julian love or whatever or just him intercept the ball by himself he really came into his own twenty twenty and he could build on that darius slay i think he's in a war situation if i do say so i mean we'll we'll see what the defense does there for the philadelphia eagles. I'm not one hundred percent certain. How good that team is going to be under nick serianni by. I still think he is. That second corner went with the door jackson three. And then the slop. Romy would go down in washington kendall fuller. Somebody who was traded away from washington went to the chiefs came back to washington. He's twenty six years old. And i feel like. He's one of the more underrated players in the national football league as a cornerback because he man's that slot he's not that big but he really kind of shuts down the slot and does a good job tackling guys after the catch. I mean he's solid tackling cornerback. Despite the fact that he is sub two hundred pounds and he's also somebody who just is a bit more proven the darnay homes of the world bit more proven than the slot. Be jordan. Lewis is somebody. I thought of who can play outside. He can play in the slot. Somebody i realistically sought of. Anthony browne as well and then philadelphia. Their slot situation is kvant seymour. And sometimes they put them onto a maddox there. But he's more so when outside guys so what i was thinking about. Slot kendall fuller was the easy player to choose. Hopefully darnay homes or aaron robinson. Kinda take their game to the next level there..

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