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Morning, 6 18, and that means it's traffic and weather time, with Jack Taylor standing by in the traffic center. That sounds like some new trouble in Maryland, down in Colombia, 32 of your broken Land Parkway. We may have a medical issue on clear if this is just a broken down vehicle or if we've got units headed to the scene on I 95 in Beltsville North, found near to 12 activity off the roadway to the left side, not causing much of a delay at all. You're good to go out of Frederick to 70 south down toward the lane Divide. In Prince George's County on the Beltway outer loop as you leave land over headed toward college Park near the bottom of Washington Parkway exit 22. We'd had reports of a crash were good out of southern Maryland, but on to 10 north before Old Ford North and let Livingston Square We earlier had a broken down pickup truck in the left lane. Also 50 out and buoy westbound after 1 97. If anything was left of a crash, everything was over safely on the right shoulder. Now again are demonstrators are out today and tomorrow, so we've got some scheduled closures downtown. Clive's matter Plaza between 16th and case closed also closed H and I streets between 15th and 17th. You're gonna have some parking restrictions from the White House, the National Mall and around the capital. There's a full list on w t o p dot com. Just be aware if you're traveling downtown right now quiet across the freeway, Third Street tunnels looking good. No troubles I to 95 or D. C to 95. In Virginia 66 little bit heavy eastbound is rolled out toward the Fairfax County Parkway. The only slight slowdown between Gainesville in Rosslyn checking in Woodbridge on the Prince William Parkway. Eastbound Your Telegraph Road, A reported crash. Some activity off the roadway. I think your lanes are open on expert Village Boulevard in her shell Horn road. Ah, vehicle here left, the roadway went off into a tree. 3 95 looks could leave in Springfield north. Headed up toward the 14th Street Bridge should find your travel lanes open. There was an issue this morning on V R E. There's a signal issue affecting access to union station. Passengers should be prepared on V R E to D Train it. Laugh on Plaza and use Metro Toe Access Union Station, Jack Taylor w T. O P. Traffic Storm Team, four's Lauren Rickets were on the lookout for some flurries. This morning. He had some flurries, even some drizzle and even a light rain showers. We go through the day. Anything.

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