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That you'll actually your brain become bigger. Now. Chris is your lawyer. No, no, we can't do that. But we can say movies seven zero seven zero to get your free print copy of the communist once again, thanks to them for sponsor new show. Okay. So time now for this week's guest and Jessie Buckley burst onto the scene as an actor few last year, in fact, with the brilliant British movie beast, but she's been around for a while as a a singer and an actor came second in the BBC's talent competition, I do anything does this mean we could get her. Uh-huh. Into our production of Oliver. Yes. Because that sought a new Nancy for west in production of all of her an I'm Fagin, and Ben is oh. Oliver an you could be MRs Sauerbrey, wait. What will he's taking I'm afraid to integrate roles women play. Unless of course, we can. We can we can switch it up a little bit. You be just Sauerbrey the gaunt grim under. Okay. Bill sikes Bill sikes Bill the intimidating anyway, we'll find a few. It's totally fine. So Jessie, Buckley is in fricken credible in this week's while rose, which plays Glaswegian woman who has just been released from prison and wants to fulfill her dream her destiny of being a country, not country, western a country singer. And she's tremendous Jessie Buckley is our like myself and Helen, but her accidents as impeccable as far as I could tell of spent three days in Glasgow. But it's pretty good to me on. I was delighted by before she went off to make a film with Charlie Kaufman in New York that she took time out of essential to come into this race. Studio this enough rideshare? We're Ben is right now we had a good old Nodar. And perhaps we talk about Oliver in this as well. Anyway, here we go the great Jessie Buckley, do please enjoy. We're delighted to be joined on the podcast by the star of wild rose, while rose herself Jessie, Buckley, how are you? Very good goods just talking about being both from the the emerald Isle's speak and just wondering her thicker accents are gonna get during this next twenty minutes. I don't think anybody's going to understand us by the end of this or. All right. Have you found hold on your accent, easy, difficult of founded English people? Try and disabuse you certain notions. That you have for example, whenever I came to the for the first time, I referred to films films, obviously because that's what they are told by uppity, housemate a mind. Sees me, Chris I think you'll find a films, and now is the one word that has changed for me. Whenever I go back mind to marry always makes the point like have you been into films? And Mary I have been in the film. The way over and on. But that's the only anglicized word. I've taken I'm actually pretty surprised I've managed hold onto maxima. And if I go back to carry within like an hour. I am completely on on. I'm not able to understood to bring kind of you know, interpreter. But axons are are obviously huge part of an actor's arsenal. And we saw Rosie of my with my wife, and your sweet snacks is is pretty damn Trixie. It's pretty Trixie. So after the film, you came on you did a performance started speaking to the crowd. I've turned me one harsh. There could be no credit. Yeah. It's funny 'cause I hardly ever use my own accident. I think I've only used it once in a play and. Yeah, a lot of people like tink are either very English or fairy something, and then they meet me like oh my God. You're very Irish. It was the accident while rose tricky defined an easy to come by accents. Or is you have to work on def. Yeah. I worked my socks off on our think as well because it was like Silvio intrinsic to character, and the identity no sense white entity of Glasgow and.

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