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Jackson. Same Way guys. Read one video game over the past Jack. I mean every time they the game how in the world of video games while people are worried about a council war between ps four and xbox and it doesn't matter consistently is developing and innovating in creating awesome video gaming experiences so go from that company to the lamest going out of business company. I've ever heard of with game stop. How is that a decision that you think is good for the final dying farts of store it early? It's they are like I mean there are barely any stores open left anyway. They closed like six hundred stores last year. I don't know what happened. I mean potentially what he resurrects it. And that's for his ego. Does he do it because he has a revenge fantasy? I'm not sure what his motivation is. Unless he really. Oh I can I can bring this motherfucker back. If he believes that he can bring back game. Stop then you know what more power to him however he chooses to do that if he turns them all into land centers that combined both video game stores and also places to play video games making them game stops then like maybe. I don't know I don't have any information on that. I'm sorry hold on anyway. The point being is that I don't see a world in which he reignites this brand when so much of how people buy Video Games for now it's digital barely. Anybody has physical copies anymore. And even if there's I mean guys go on sale so much now on all of the on my networks. There's no point that's when I realized how far we've come because there was nothing more satisfying than going to the store on. Release date getting my physical disk in my hand and being like. Oh man when I get home. This shit is on now being like are the night before I pre- by it. I wake up and Santa has already put it onto my downloaded. It's ready to go. Yeah there's there's a convenience factor but I'm still. I still like the feeling like now as an adult. I couldn't buy a lot of games as a kid. I was to rent them so like if people came over the week. Three game collection. You you got like Raymond two and you're die hard trilogy collection on please. Now I'm like you'll check out this wild ass self. Yes I have literally fee Fas Ninety nine to twenty on here but I know this shit or like all the call of duty games but yeah going to the does it. There's no place that people play video games publicly. Now Right. Like are like Dave and buster's so arcade Dave and buster's is definitely blossomed in the space museum. Bosman along and take that back Dave and buster's so cheap lawson. I'm going to ruin. It's not lean steak. How does this awesome blossom on it to your blessing fans? I'm GONNA say 'cause you're blossom and I'm joey why nice my forearm Tattoo Dave and buster's has definitely blown up in a space of playing games like like phone games like fruit Ninja and all these like right hand and make people come back to them and they know exactly cavers COPCO. Exactly you don't want to have that guy who's sitting there with like thirty dollars worth of quarters who's like Y'all just take all comers screw it the closer you get guitar here or there but on the other side a lot of things that are popping up more land centers land centers or places that just have rows and rows and rows of high end desktop. Pc local area network exact. Thank you local area network where players can come and pay for an hour amount of time or become a member of the place and they can just go at their own leisure and places like old times it kind of like when counterstrike was pop in the beginning now used to be like Yo. Let's go to the fucking. Let's go to the land cap or whatever the counter strike because I'd have a PC and I definitely dam sure to have a game that was worth a damn slow like going into a Nice Cybercafe Tuning into the web surfing away. That's me the thing that brought game. Stop Down because it's like why we don't have blockbuster music anymore. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah pretty also. Last time. I walked into a game. Stop. They were selling all this other bullshit. I'm like what the fuck hot on like. What the fuck is it became less actual video games and more video game related stuff right right stuff that you can you physically watering it down? I remember what needs to be like. All Primal Guides hails the real the fountain of Knowledge Him Cool. So Reggie. What's his name? Fees may which is an Anagram for Mario Luigi so that's wild that he got replaced by Bowser Intendo Max Van Sido is trending because he passed on Max von Cdo side. How a years old. And he has been. You know the seven seal. I first became familiar with his work when he was a plate. He did a cameo in the bill. And Ted's adventure when they have to play death twister and battleship right and I remember being like. Oh what is my mom was like. He was in the seventh seal. You should watch that and I tried watching that on. My this is fucking bullshit. I'm so yeah I'm a mom ten years old. You think I'm GonNa get fucked them meaning of half this shit. Fuck No. Yeah but I remember going to. School will be like you know. He's actually in the seventh seal right. That's how she that's how your mind works when Your Kid. And here's how my mind works as an adult. I just now realized that that was him. And it was a reference to the seven seal. So there's that and the three eyed raven more recently he was the priest from Exorcist right yeah I don't know. Y'All got quiet on me when you're with. Yeah Yeah Okay. Whatever you no nail to keep going with that you scream at one. I almost said he was the COP. An extra exercise you wait. So what do you think exorcist vomiting and that cop has to come in shooter the power of Christ compels you more than one hundred that it's wild when people like him and was it? Christopher Lee who got those like ridiculous careers. Yeah he's he's one of them. I bet he he has like some bad ass secret in his past or something. Christopher Lee was like a total like war hero type F. Yeah I feel like people that age. You know who came of age at that time. Right generally have wild stories where they charged a machine gun nest bare hands or something. I would believe that Christopher Lee was actually saw Remond Lord of the rings for his like. Oh Yeah that that was actually me? I is a is a Gig with Tokyo and finally Corona Virus Ohio. A one of many krona virus related things that are trending reason to the Dow Jones but Corona Virus Ohio's trending. I noticed something that I was just looking at a map of the United States. Those broken out by state and a number of corona virus cases and it was like Kentucky had one Indiana had a couple. I was like Ohio maybe their next sure.

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