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Inside the ten to a long field ahead of Florida state, a lot of time on the clock that they can be in commando. Yeah, they got the full compliment of the Robins right now. Four 25, which signals to me too. Offensively, what have we seen from them in this half? It's almost all been run that involves pulling offensive linemen. Giving guys on the move that create a bunch of natural space for defenders to shoot up field, which has been your biggest problem as an offense. Let them go out there and run outside zone inside zone, get thick double teams, and be able to account for those first level players first. Give your running back to quarterback a chance to go and impact the second level of this defense with their legs. The first in ten from the 8 does it start to get loud here at harder Finley stadium in rawly number 14 NC state clinging to a two point lead, but Florida state trying to pull an upset with the ball. And the hand doctor Lawrence to affiliate will be quickly stopped near the line of swimming to multiple wolfpack players. But standing out Drake Thomas making the plan. Yeah, I do not recommend running to where Drake Thomas is the overhang player again. Multiple guys trying to pinball off of him, never going to be a winning formula against one of the best tacklers in the ACC. Empty backfield Ford Jordan Travis. 5 wide receivers on second and 9 from their own 9. Taking the shotgun snap is crab is just staying out of his own end zone and that's going to be thrown complete across the 15 it's caught by Lawrence to a feeling. Really generous spot on that play there. They're giving him first down yardage. I thought he was a bit short, but now some breathing room for this Florida state offense. Brings it out to their own 19 three 34 on the clock as it continues to run here in the fourth quarter, Florida state with the ball driving down by two have not scored in this second half. Tripp's left for Travis. And he will take it himself off the fake handoff

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