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You don't have to go into work or you work from home your lucky because we're talking about some of what their predicting its nasty six inches or more again still cleaning up but now they're going to have this next blizzard follow right behind it and then parts of the dakotas they got so far eighteen inches of snow this season but they're talking about another footer more from what's coming up liuw new we live in places like fargo and duluth and bismarck and green bay you you know these things happen you know these blizzard conditions can impact you but when but actually becomes a reality you're still talk in about for our friends in minnesota and wisconsin in michigan you know you talk about even a you know that this is the way of life right that this is what you deal with this is the weather patterns even in the west rain and snow and they needed it because they have such a bad drought there for the past few days you had eight feet of new snow in the sierra nevada's so that's big big big big in other parts of california had rain which they desperately needed in fact in a few hours they got more rain than they got in the entire month of february but they're saying or take six more storms just picture in your mind what a six dorms look like six storms to bring the state up to its normal winter precipitate precipitation separatation precipitation by april raising to think of that too can't just shifted hey hey the music means.

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