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Defense is crazy. I think we all agree that on the defensive side of the ball, they're ready to roll. It's it's their their playoff caliber football. It's what's going to happen on the offense inside the ball. If they could figure out who the quarterback is going to be if the offensive line could do anything, if they finally figure out if they have a tight end Alan Robinson is going to get any help on the other side of the field. Those air the big questions going into training camp. I don't disagree. Now. This is Like Obviously, every year is a big year. We could say that every year The important thing is, there's a lot of guys who are playing for their career and their future paydays. Alan Robinson wants to get paid unless they get it done before the season. He's gotta have a big year. Mitchell Travis Key. He's playing for his football life. He's gotta have a big year. The wide receiver position beside Alan Anthony Miller. Now it's time to stay healthy. It's time to play. The Bears traded up to get him in a lot of people praise that picked when they made it. Thought that guy's a stud. Well, he's been OK, but he has a bit of guy. Oh, my God, I gotta have Anthony Miller. So this is a big year. It's time to emerge. If you're given whims. I don't want to hear what that guy has got a lot of ability, he's goingto emerge someday. It's time to put up or shut up. Jovan whims. Riley Ridley. It's time to Seymour at the tight end position, so there's a lot of things that if they all step up and play well, bode well for the Bears is this Is this a make or break year in terms of the bears as Faras? If they're bad, If they're 18 8 you know if they're nine and seven, they don't make the playoffs. Is this the year where we're going to say? Well, all right, this core group that we've done so well with specifically on the defensive side, the ball we're going to have to start rebuilding from scratch everything and just tear it all down. We'll know. Alright. David Montgomery isn't the running back. We thought he was Theofanis of line is not any better. The defense. We're going after move some pieces to get better in other places. Um That's how you wind. The window is not going to be opened on this defense forever. If the offensive side of the ball this year doesn't pull its weight, you're going to have to do something you can't keep. You know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and hoping for a different result. Right eventually, Jacksonville Said enough with Blake Bortles and they moved on. They haven't replaced him yet. Bill, but they got rid of Jalen Ramsey. They realised. All right, Listen, We're not winning the way that we have things set up. We have great pieces in place, and we're having success in certain areas. But we're not winning games. That was really my question. Like at the end of this year. If the Bears don't have the success do they have to reevaluate and say Maybe we have to do things totally different pens. How they get there like if you tell me they start out member of the year. They were seven and one in the J threw a pick and tried to make a tackle and blew out his thumb and that ended his season. Remember that I was trying to tackle? I believe it was against the Giants, wasn't it? No Chargers chart, maybe the charge. I really don't remember many of Jay's interception because they were so few and far between. DeAngelo Hall says. I got four I'm sitting on my Casey, You got four of Jay's career ate in the Bear's uniform. Well, the Thing will be how they get there like Oh, my God. The Bears are nine and two, and then all of a sudden they get To horrific injuries, and it ends up costing them their season. Then no If you tell me, they start out two and six, and all of a sudden you go. Oh, boy. That season's over and Mitch plays bad and fulls plays bad in the old line blocks back. Then there's going to be changed. Coming. Absolutely, and there should be You have a right to demand that this football team has spent enough money and enough of your time that they should be good or it's time to change what you're doing. I agree. Absolutely, Absolutely. That's where I'm at. You know, I like Ryan. He's put a great defense together if they go out this year, and they're six and 10 7 and nine, and it's not because they got 12 horrific injuries, they don't play well. Then you have to question the people that are making the decisions. And that's just the big boy world that we live in. 3123323776 If you have a comment question, thought, one star player in our town and I'm talking star level. Says more players will be opting out of baseball. In his opinion, that's next cabin company on ESPN 1000 Chicago's home for sports. Carmen and your co Can I tell you what embarrassing Ryan? I am pathetic. First time I cooked hamburgers beet red in the middle of my second time. They were so dry. My son, Brett, was this awful?.

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