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Fans some cities in the United States as well. In particular rate now Charlotte North Carolina. Combined with the surrounding county, which is Mecklenburg County, so they call it the Charlotte Mac Wellbeing Index. and. that is that is in the works right now and I've gone down there and I've met with those folks and one thing about. Their efforts so sometimes. People say oh, sure Bhutan could do that. Bhutan is a Buddhist country baton is is does not have much diversity at all. It's very homogeneous well Charlotte. Mac is the first. And the people who are working on this index together include really really diverse. Voices and they are looking at really really diverse communities and trying to come up with a new system and a new framework that is to the benefit of everybody, some very excited about what Charlotte Mac is doing and I think they could serve as a role model for the for the rest of the country. Already, we have a Colorado Lionel Listener. Samantha Montpellier's checking in Good Morning Samantha. Hi, good morning Dave, how you doing? Good things in high. Jenny How are you? This is a great show. I'm kind of calling with a shameless plug. I work at bear pond books in Montpellier and we're helping Ginny to launch her book with a virtual book launch on Wednesday evening, and I just WanNa urge people to attend that and to pick up the book. Do have copies on the shelves right now. The store is open. It's a fantastic book and I also mentioned you know the title Preaching Happiness and the fact that they were they were sermons. That Ginny had delivered I just WanNa say if people are maybe feeling off. Put that it might be a religious book. I just want to say that it's not. It's a fantastic. Book about everything that you've been talking about about happiness on the personal level I love the information about. Policy Making and how we can really affect change at the policy level and I I also urged any lawmaker legislators senators. They should all be reading this book so that they can see how to best create support system for wellbeing. That's kind of my little plug for the buck and I. I love the discussion. Thank you all right. Thank you, Samantha for the call, and that's actually that's actually a good point. I think it's worth mentioning that you know I mean if somebody is actually looking for book with a lot of religious content. Maybe this isn't for them, but he doesn't have lots. Doesn't have a lot of religious content it is. It is something which will certainly appeal to to to secular readers as well as as well as people who are people of faith or whatever you know. I think I. I actually think that that. the the idea of of these being sermons a May. Maybe a little bit of. I I. Don't know if it quite, it's not. It's not what I would think I in that category. It's certainly not Jonathan. Edwards are fire and Brimstone, or any of that stuff you know it's. A.

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