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B. A. B. B. E. L. dot com Arizona is evening news news flash at six forty four I'm Jeff Munn for Becky Lynn here's what you need to know right now the wall mandated statewide but governor Ducey is still urging Arizonans to wear a mask in public the stopped cold at nineteen his announcement departs from orders that set statewide policy we are going to change and update guidance so that local governments can implement mask and face covering policies and determine enforcement the governor says the data shows enforcing mask is best left to local governments she received pressure from mayors in Phoenix Tucson and flagstaff to act or they would Phoenix mayor cake I A. go quickly reacted to the governor's announcement saying the Phoenix city council will vote a week from today to mandate mask for residents going into essential businesses in public places the Glendale city council will vote this Friday in an emergency meeting a letter signed by nearly seven hundred Arizona doctors and medical providers employers governor Ducey to require face mask in public as a way to slow the spread of cope with nineteen the letter also calls on duty to enforce limits on large gatherings the bush fire northeast of the valley's top eighty nine thousand acres and is now the seventh largest wildfire in Arizona history the fire remains a threat to hundreds of homes in the Apache lake area Punkin center sunflower internal basin for more than fifteen hundred people are evacuated David although with the team heading up the battles as hundreds of firefighters now at five percent containment today the winter can be a little bit less but still probably fifteen to twenty five miles per hour basically that that that conditions for some extreme fire growth state route eighty seven is closed in both directions from the bush highway to patients state route one eighty eight closed now all the way from the eighty seven to the US sixty Anglo you're never more than.

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