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Latest forecast from a train heating and cooling weather Center on news radio 700 wlw mostly sunny skies today in the tri state with a high near 79 Mostly clear overnight Tonight your load down to 58. Partly cloudy for your Tuesday could see some rain in the afternoon with a high of 73. It is 55 degrees right now, news of service of a E Door and Window and the Life Center Organ Donor Network. More high numbers reported Sunday. The Ohio Department of Health Reporting for 1005 141 new cases of Cove, it 19 over 300 Hamilton County alone. 11. More people have died statewide. Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir says the spread of Cove in remains rampant in his state over 1100 new cases reported yesterday. And it's not just here either. Kuroda virus case is surging. Across the country, the Johns Hopkins Covert tracking Project reported. 1.1 million Covad tests 103,000 cases 57,000 people currently hospitalized in another 462 people who have died from the Corona virus. That's the largest number of cases reported on a Sunday ever and did not even include California. Across the country. Nursing homes are also reporting surging numbers within facilities. Researchers at the University of Chicago reporting resident deaths more than doubled last week from 318 to nearly 700. That's Dori Aldinger reporting a big announcement from Pfizer this morning. They say late stage the trials of the cove it vaccine that they are developing is showing to be more than 90%, effective in preventing infection so far. Health experts in Ohio, meanwhile, warning that no gathering is safe. This Thanksgiving Cleveland Clinic, Dr Joseph Abaza says there is a serious risk of transmitting the virus. No matter how many people are at the dinner table. His advice is to be careful and limit the numbers. I don't think you'll ever regret being extra cautious in the middle of a pandemic. The regret can only occur if a loved one gets very sick as a result of your gathering. Hamilton County commissioners say they will provide guidelines this week on how to proceed through the holiday season amid the ongoing pandemic. Cincinnati police investigating a murder that happened over the weekend 54 year old Roberto Williams shot to death and paddock ills. On Saturday. No arrests have been made. Anyone with information should call Crime stoppers at 35 to 30 40 FC Cincinnati season is over. They lost their season closer yesterday to Miami to tow one. They finished the 2020 season in the last place with a record of four foreign 15 The forecast these coming up next. There are lots of great deals to take advantage of on veterans Day you might start things off with a free coffee. Thank you have a free burger. Finish with a free ice cream sundae. It's great.

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