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I just being taking smoke cheese. He just Scaffoldings you know that over the summer. I will still be working. I've got a couple of projects out to for my own business so i won't to clear away. All of the the client were get as protest and And i start a take action role in september a couple of days a week a national organization. So that should be quite interesting and and challenging Just kind of a find that. The summary that time. Where i tie idea. Yeah i know exactly what you mean. I think it's because there are less clients around because that's taking the holidays often as well depending on the sector that you work with. Obviously i certainly in the training world things do tend to the face of face. Genuine office used to be quiet quiet because schools were out so we once you've got school holidays you've got the knock on effects of the parents who whichever parent might be. Who needs to call to the kids. If they can't get into camps and not liking so much so he does tend to be a lot quieter from. Upstate of well. Though the stuff i do being online can be done at any time. So i i still have stuff to create. I've been very busy. I've got various things. I think we talked about some of the things. I've got on last week I finished delivering my admin chat session for executive support maxine for then youtube channel which goes out next week. I'm in the middle of pairing a session on teams to be delivered also next week to the pa forum. Daniel skirmishes pa forum. That's a lunchtime thing. I just finished I've just rehearsed this morning..

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