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Fifty three on wbz's traffic on threes southgate thank you dave wbz news time 344 here's the fourday wbz accuweather forecast with accu weather meteorologist brian thompson we'll have a gusty wind throughout the day today what we chillier than yesterday when subject with the 50s we'll see temperatures basically stuck in the 40s today maybe even falling a bit in the afternoon accuweather real feel temperatures though near thirty much of the time when you factor in the gusty wind whilst the clouds ensued tonight low thirty three and a high of forty six tomorrow under a partly sunny sky and will have a chilly breeze tomorrow and again on tuesday as well tuesday turns out partly sunny with a high of forty four and on wednesday breezy a turning up mild with lot of sunshine and a high fifty five i'm accuweather meteorologist brian thompson wbz newsradio 1030 eight forty seven right now in jamaica plane 46 in and over forty six as well in arlington forty nine in nagin it's a beautiful day lots of sunshine forty seven in boston that will news time to forty five the state of texas has fired its new special education director corresponding clayton neville tells us she was fired after officials found out about a pending lawsuit alleged that lorry cash covered up a sexual abuse case it in oregon school she worked four before taking the job in texas cash was faced with a one point eight five million dollars civil suit alleging that a sixyearold special ed student told cash that she was being sexually abused by another student the suit says cast tried to block the student from coming forward and win she did cash reportedly retaliated the texas education agency released a statement saying cash didn't disclose that information in the hiring process and said she has no business being in charge of special ed in texas clayton.

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