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Here's Jacob Wilkins. And Larry despite the Packers interim head coach Joe Philbin. Not committing to quarterback Aaron Rodgers playing Sunday against the jets at MetLife. Rogers says he will play as he suffered a groin injury. Last Sunday Packers five eight and one out of the playoff race. And Todd bull says even Rogers doesn't go Green Bay has other weapons. He has a bad day. You gotta try. Disciplined upfront. You gotta slow down as well. It's not just him receivers backs. Jets right now at four and ten Pat Shurmur Shane the giants out. Odell Beckham junior will not be shut down for the final two games of the season that if he's healthy he will play. He's missed the past two games due to a quad injury. Giants are in Indianapolis Sunday to play. The colts Panthers are sitting Cam Newton this week due to shoulder. Soreness Taylor heineke distort her at home against the falcons, many shadows free agent tour continued today in the Bronx Yankees hosted the free agent for about ninety minutes. Busy week from channel visited the White Sox. Monday will visit the Phillies tomorrow that's coming off a big win over the Lakers and Barclays last night. Now a six game winning streak visiting the bulls in Chicago tonight coverage on the fan at seven forty five mixed take on the Sixers and Philadelphia. College hoops, Saint John's tries to go to eleven and playing Saint Francis of Brooklyn, Seton Hall at home against Sacred Heart. Hofstra place at Stony Brook sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock. Jacob Wilkins tension, win sports, softball FINA. Monet Davis will be attending Hampton you where she will also play softball. You've heard her. Story at age eighteen and the first girl to pitch a victory in the Little League World series. Davis was delivering seventy mile an hour. Fastballs for Phillies Teini youth baseball association made her a national celebrity guests it did in fact Sports Illustrated, put her on the cover naming her female athlete of the year. And she's a three way athlete at that. Softball basketball soccer at spring side tests, not hill academy in Philly. We're building your name the coaches at Hampton say she'll play middle infielder. But the part that makes an old news, dude. Like me smile is. The fact that see we'll study journalism and communications and take my job. Folks told the Philadelphia trip that in fact, Cheetos Hampton because of its communications program seriously. We wish her well you go. Monet wins. News time four seventeen we're back in a mall. Every time you went out you could cash in now with the capital wind saver card. You're in four percent cashback on dining and entertainment. Like, I block moly..

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