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I always get all your hate here's what it just came in look at what they've written another teacher tricky topic number one Ernie yeah another tropical storm is blowing off the coast of Mexico well at least it's not a storm of murder now I am shocked that you were interested in this story ma'am I gave I gave you this title thank you Ernie will not be interested in this and he goes I have thoughts on fox on all right on Tuesday it's a good oppression in the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico I have formed into tropical storm is it crystal ball I think so yeah the third named storm of the twenty twenty hurricane season why can't it be hurricane Chad when are we ever because you know they change every year yeah but I think they've had a hurricane chat before yeah but not a big one they've never had a hurricane I need my Katrina version of Chad okay hello everybody yeah just very big and power maybe just stays on it stays out yes it kills all the sharks okay it's the one that causes shark NATO struck mail so okay you said you have thoughts it's what I still have thoughts on this because I am Joe mena Khalkhin Teemu heavy rains for the depression has already caused deadly flooding in one of your favorite cities El Salvador that's not a city that's a and your favorite other city of cool once again if the only thing I know about Guatemala's that's where caravans began mmhm all right here's what I have to say about this gets frustrating to me because every time a hurricane happens every time we get a storm it's now because of global warming and I get frustrated because we've been having storm since the earth was formed he's at it I'm not finished hi I'm just get a monorail Hugo Mike is off all right thank god we have been having storms since the beginning of the earth some of them have been monster storm some of them have been tiny little storms but we've had storms but now when we have a storm they can find some way to tie it in to global warming these storms are getting stronger now and they're not getting stronger they are the same kind of storms we have always had you know the strongest storm that we can measure was in nineteen thirty five except for one it depends how do you pick the winner you pick the pressure whatever it is but everybody applies this to global warming and it's not it's a natural cycle some hurricane seasons you have massive amounts of store you have a lot of stores and some hurricane seasons you get nothing but we're at if we get nothing we're told that's global warming to and it isn't and you can find many of folk in the meteorology business who will tell you and explain to you that no this is not global warming we're going to have a lot of storms this year because there's no well Nino you know what el Nino is look it up because that's why we get more hurricanes in some occasions than others and some years and some seasons than others so I can't wait to hear how they're gonna tie this in the global warming man made global warming is causing these storms somehow the blame trump for this store as they blame George W. bush by the way Robert Kennedy junior I always remember this Robert Kennedy junior actually came out and said hurricane Katrina was caused by George W. bush he closed this door because he didn't do what Robert Kennedy junior thought he should have done we got a lot of hideous and they're going to do whatever they.

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