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Sale? Boy, that's a tough one. We've bought a lot of horses over the years and we've won a few stakes with them. The best purchase, that's a really tough one right now. We've made a few purchase purchases recently. I've been buying for a client named Gerald sand and Jerry sandin. He goes by standing send to get stable. It's kind of a good story real quick. We played little league baseball together. 35 years ago in San Carlos, California on the cubs, the San Carlos cubs, he and I did. And he went on to work for Apple computer. And I went on the train horses, which I probably should have gone on to work for Apple computer to tell you the truth. But he's had a successful career at Apple and he called me a couple of years ago said he was ready to buy a couple of horses with me. And we've made a few purchases lately, the very first purchase we made was the horse named pico de oro, and he went on to break his maiden in the Ellis park juvenile a couple of years ago. So that was Jerry's first win as an owner and it was a stakes win and it was the very first horse we purchased too. Wow. So that was a fun purchase. Jerry's open some doors. For us recently enabled us to buy some horses, we bought three this spring for him. Just recently, just this just a few weeks ago in Ocala, so he's kind of opened some doors for us to buy some new horses. That's been a lot of fun as well. How about a horse named Neptune's storm? Does that ring a bell? Neptune storm was an excellent purchase. My wife and I picked him out for some longtime clients. He's gone on to make almost a $1 million, so yeah, that was a really good purchase for sure. Yeah, it came from the consignment of my man, Eddie Woods, too, if I'm not mistaken, right? Yeah, we bought a few good ones from Eddie wood. Yeah. I think pico came from pico de oro came from Eddie was Neptune's storm came from Eddie Woods. Legendary lore for San syndicate more recently came from Eddie Woods to broke his maiden in a maiden special on one of those nights future start future? Night of the stars. Future stars. Future stars I'm sorry at Churchill down. So yeah, we bought us some good horses from Eddie Woods. Yep. What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't training racehorses now? I think I've got the coaching mindset. I think I would have loved. I tried dabbled in coaching baseball and basketball. I like to, I like to coach. It's kind of what we do out here. We're coaching these horses. I wish there wasn't so much of coaching employees and coaching the owners and the billing and the peril that we talked about before. I wish it was just strictly coaching the horses. But, you know, I kind of like to put my coaching cap on. Interesting, you say, you know, coaching the clients. Talk about that because that is an integral part of being a successful horse trainer. What do you mean by coaching the clients? Well, you know, there's a lot of work into that because you get some clients that have a lot of experience in the business and you get some clients that have zero experience in the business are very little experience in the business. And there's so much to learn as they go that sometimes I'll recommend depending on what they can afford. Maybe go in as a small partner on a horse just to get their toes wet just to get their feet wet and just to get in the business and just learn the business a little bit. Learn everything from dealing with the horses to dealing with the bills and dealing with the ups and downs and dealing with if a horse does need time off, how long that takes and just let them deal with all that. It's a lot to it's a lot to swallow at first for a first time client especially. Bill Murray, my special guest on trainer talk presented by phasic tipton, Billy, we're inside the final four minutes or so before we have to wrap up the show, you're pretty active on social media too. You have.

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