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I don't know why I think it's because of the level of stress that my body's under under it all I can tell you exactly what it is because it happens to me on certain days and it's sympathetic nervous system overdrive on a ton of blood away from your gut. Everything just sits in there and ferment ferments because they can't digest. I needed that explanation because I couldn't tell I would just like literally. Send my girlfriend would like dude just finished as hard as workout and I cannot stop for a lot of athletes are like what I needed to go map and he's a high carb low fat high fat. Low carb is like you just bought your like. You can't digest itself off yeah and that's probably going to be a problem for many years sucks so what I was saying. Though is I basically competed against these guys and you know I beat them. mm-hmm and I feel like I still didn't get the street cred for being fit athlete like they're like Oh. You beat us in your little mud run thing. I'm like Goddamn. I'm sick and tired like these guys get pegged as the fittest on earth and I'm like honestly I think that's a crock of bullshit because I know so many people blow your minds. I'm like I got friends who can run some fifteen minute five ks as in bench like four hundred pounds like there's Pete freaks out there and they do different things to do that by the way just some guys in Hollywood or pretty nasty but I mean the reality is is like I'm almost there though I can run as I used to be able to run some fifteen minute five gain I can bench over three hundred pounds right but can I run four hundred meters while doing higher up benches into ring muscle up into walking on my hands during the missing component of cross fit in terms of claiming to be producing the fittest man or woman on Earth would be like the stamina the endurance component. I would say that it's just it doesn't like today is a better example for me. It's such an incredible test of stamina but then it's like also also incredible test of strength but it's not extremely technical strength yeah. There's a barrier to entry there. If you don't have technique then you can't play the game doesn't matter her how strong you are a little bit of resilience to I mean like there's the elements right like cold and the attrition component of of having to fuel not just pre and post us but during like there's a lot of little things that happen in these longer events yeah I mean it's interesting so I came to that crossroads like I need need to prove to myself that I could at least do what these guys do because I'm never going to. I'm I have this like tearing feeling at me every morning. When I woke up and started training again that was like like beat them or at least get the satisfaction of being toe to toe with them again in their own world? I'm never gonNA feel satisfied athlete because I've won tons of titles obstacle horseracing. I've been undefeated on broken skull ranch. I've been undefeated in this. I've been undefeated in that and it's like yeah. Those are things I'm good at. It was easy for me not necessarily easy but it was just something something that I trained really hard and I was very well-versed in I needed to get out of my comfort zone and like jump in the water with a bunch of great white sharks and just feel that fear and feel that intensity around me so within that like it was kinda crazy as I.

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