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I am joined once again by mark bryson. How you doing man today. I'm doing good. I'm glad to have you back on So today we're gonna talk about you. Know how d- right great. Cta's for live chat for chat bots for sales and marketing to get people engaged in in you and your team to a lot of work with that but for those those people that don't know who you are and what you do like. Just tell us a little bit. I'm like you said my name's mark handy run the consulting team here at chat funnel so that means i help People are our clients implement chat bots to help them achieve some of their sales and marketing goals. We engage their site visitors and helped convert them into conversations eventually leading to demos Meetings and another engagement goals go you guys do great job to So like. I said we're gonna talk about. Cta's how do you ride a good see ta For for live chat for a chat get people engaged so I'm just gonna turn it over to you. They'll let you talk about you. Know what's the team's general philosophy when it comes to to writing good. Cta's yeah thanks So we wanna make them as humanly possible is the first thing you know. People kind of the old school way of a building. A bomb was without much thought into making it an enjoyable experience for people and People made him very robotic We want people to feel connected to it and similar to they do when you're chatting with a person of text on your phone or other other application We like to match the c. T. a. to the messaging tone of the site using similar acronyms. Similar technical verbiage Maybe they're more slang. Maybe they're more professional Trying to to be in sync with the other language that the marketing team is using.

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