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Chloe and me on the DMV download podcast from WTO news. Find us wherever you listen. Two 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s back over to Dave dill dine in the traffic center. In Virginia, on I 66, westbound slow through roslin out of the tunnel uphill to the point where it flattens out where the response to a crash there was blocking the left lane from that point to the beltway and beyond no issues. Eastbound, the dulles collector ramp is open, the crash is clear and the lanes from two 67 to 66 east are now open. Beltway ramps that lead westbound on 66 were reduced for express lanes work, slow merch off the beltways iterate outer loops. They usually pick that one up at the bottom of the hour. 95 southbound just a little heavy at the onca Quan, no big issues heading into Stafford county, northbound, some slow traffic, moving out of garrisonville at a quiet harbor. The work crew was last seen along the right side. In Montgomery county, near kenwood, a stretch of Goldsboro road is closed midway between river road and Bradley boulevard for emergency utility work, heavy traffic noted on Connecticut avenue near the Bradley lane, intersection as well. There could be a works on there, but the cameras never helpful. Beltway, another cameras are showing anything abnormal, some slow traffic on the inner loop, riding into land, and there was a crash beyond four 50, should be on the shoulder, to 70 quiet. So far, so good on 95, built with a beltway, just a little heavy on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, northbound near 32 and fort need. That's pretty typical as well. Attention contractors and technicians, northeastern supply is opening in Belle's Phil around the quarter from MLK middle school. Visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing. HVAC. Water systems and PVF needs. Dave dildine WTO traffic. Let's go to storm team four once again in chuck bell. Today is our 6th day in a row where we've had measured rainfall at national airport, but that's it. No rain is expected for your Thursday. Friday

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