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Exactly. Yeah, like I'm not exaggerating when I say like Cherie phone number is probably the best guard in terms of vision and ball-handling that I've evaluated since Trae young like his shiftiness his change of pace off. Like every single dribble move that he has like he keeps that ball on a fucking string the cross the cross over from left to right between the legs into an alley, oop, which he's done multiple times. It's just like unheard of its unseen. I mean you mean that you made you made a joke a few weeks ago when Jalen Suggs through that like full court with English pass that the guy missed the layup that like put him in Hogwarts School Wizard and I made the joke that like sharife Cooper is working on his resume to do the same cuz he does 5 to 6 to 10 plays a game where it's like, I don't know how he did that especially his through traffic woke over whatever a couple of six ten guys, right like the shit the kitchen to with the ball is just unbelievable and wage. Because he's just a non-shooter right now. Like I feel like that shot does not look great coming out of his hand. He's confident with it, which gives me some hope like I think that confidence is a big part of potential to improve as a shooter like your willingness to take them is really important. There is a chance that he can really improve the shooter but like right now, She's not really a shooter. No, not at all. It just completely closes down all of those angles at the NBA level. If you're a non-shooter like you have to do so much damage to create a shot and like you have to really fuck with guys to create your own shot. If you're that little and you can't really shoot wage thing that makes Trae young so good is that he is one of the best passers in the NBA one of the best ball-handlers in the NBA has a floater game and contribute like Sharif has definitely each of those four things. I think he is a little bit of a floater game, but if you can't shoot and guys just go under your ball screens, like it just becomes immensely immensely difficult to really make things happen. Like I think he's the first round pick I feel good about saying that like, I would I'll probably have him somewhere 15 to 25 right now off. He has Lottery upside if he can show us upside with the jump shot. But for now, like I feel most comfortable saying that he's a solid first-round pick girls could be a starting guard but like the downside is back up Gard with sharife Cooper just because and we haven't even talked about defense yet. I mean, he's been in look like again, he doesn't really know what like this game is kind of like you said. Hey, I was just kind of running around like he's yeah, he's even kind of like giving up on like screens occasionally too in a way. That's scary. Yeah, he's not been very good defensively either but off. Yeah, that's just numbers will fool you a little bit cuz he does have two steals per game but that's kind of like he's one of those lies exactly. Yeah and and it's like almost 10 assists but 4.7 turn off so it's hard right now, and I know that and we'll get there eventually like that late ish Lottery. There's not like a ton of of meat on the table..

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