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Fire that started yesterday at the Riverton city landfill on Spanish town. Road in Kingston is still raging at this hour if supported the blaze has worsened due to heavy losses of winds fanning across the area. So riverton is being persistent problem in Jamaica and and you decided that something needed to be done. Why did you decide to apply for a grant by the Commonwealth Foundation saw? Someone told us about the that there was a call for proposals from the Commonwealth Foundation. We were aware of the organization we hadn't actually ever applied for a grant from the Commonwealth Foundation before but when we looked at the kind of themes that they were interested in funding the kinds of projects that they were interested in funding especially the whole aspect aspect of citizens voices and promoting you know Community led projects and working with local communities is on various issues You know of course. mean Ariza focus our environmental education and Advocacy Bushido the Commonwealth Foundation. Just seemed to be a really really good fit for what we wanted to do versus what their interests were thick smoke rising from the Riverton city landfill for a second day. In a row the Jamaica Fire Brigade Jamaica Defence Force the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management and deprive contract as I said to have been engaged at different levels trying to contain the fire. The problem of the burning of things I rubber tires and various various other waste issues was quite severe and it got a lot of national press in Jamaica could even sell some the extent of some immediate health issues that people people in Rivets and actually experienced actually became hot topic during our delivery of the project. After six days the fire the Riverton dump has been contained by officials are local agency the Jamaica Environmental Trust jet says there's a lot to be answered for the Jamaica Environment Trophies deeply alarmed at the state of affairs concerning to rip us on so it should not be that every year the country country has been million of the types of bio this morning during devotion the children's started coughing. It was really live very bad. We couldn't even see we have a number of children in here who are asthmatic. Ourself from some bronchial problem there were are just falling down. We didn't even finish devotion to make them go back in the classroom. Got Even worse and we decided okay we would send them home on because they were getting sick now even some of the teachers. Even though we had put on masks they were getting really really don't know communities how far close to Riverton. We ended up partnering with them onto the Garden is peaceful and love seaview gardens because it was my first stole once. There's a burning Riverton. We actually feel the effect of its when the small firm revoked over. The curtain idea hosts host black person's completed they have asthma issues and other respiratory illnesses. Some type of Canada breed especially when night com. Yana Verandah Y- a similar players. So this please is killing us. When you're eighteen minnows? Burn me sometime. It's Smith Born Taya Dead Time Coming Lake at Stoke sometimes luxury and some water are my Wrigley's onto it. Forget Miss Smith off stomach. Local ATMA swallowed Ismael. The government needs to step in and get displays clean up. There's this community that has been established around the dont our own but with this was a Highways was Don't view it that way. And the small the airplanes issues it's illegal burning off titles has become particularly in recent years and got reader towards Seventeen earn between two eighteen. I was was brought to our attention by the community. Representative was tweeting of older than Loeb. Breathe you after blowing. Does the night and having sinus providence. My knee ball has asthma. She's on an elite. Please help us. What can be done in the main shining? Commissioning jets at mentioned in the midst of netball etc.. Saw Bono's this time they've been ongoing air quantity providence in the era. So you got the grant. What did that then allow you guys to do? Immediately with with those funds the far small organization Nice unlike jets. It's difficult for us to outside of Project Honestly on me. It's difficult for us to kind of like respond to issues like beyond maybe off the off so they actually had to do was through the public education campaign. Were able to go into these communities and shoot film so filmed testimonials opole to the air quality issues. Shoes they were experiencing. We're waiting 'til to call Formula Gardens. I'm a jar adjacent. So they are not coming to darnest study right beside the reports on one man radius of adults are able to speak when residents. They were able to tell their stories of they were able to voice their concerns of essentially essentially. You don't tell Jami.

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