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The morning thank you for joining us i'm roberta just for tom jordan i might campbell these are the top story today twenty two friends and family are getting ready to say their final goodbye to the reverend billy graham the tv evangelist will be buried friday at his library in north carolina known as america's pastor he will be buried in a casket made by prisoners it's a pine plywood box lined with a mattress pat spokesman marked a moss said billy graham died at home no one else was with him except for a nurse his doctor said graham just woreout that cbs correspondent david bag now it is february twenty second 20 eighteen and today's birthdays if it's yours it you shared with james blood is 44 drummer scott phillips of creedon of alter bridges 45 singer tom higginson plain white tease whose thirty nine actress julie walters of harry potter films is sixty eight jerry ryan of boston public and star trek voyager fifty actress drew barrymore of 51st dates among others is forty three an actor january smith of john q is 28 it was on this day thirty eight two years ago one of the greatest moments for american athletes in olympic history happened on the ice at lake placid new york walter cronkite had the final score on the cbs evening news out of spurts olympic ice hockey team on a stunning upset of the feet of the soviet fame by a score of four to three at lake placid the victory guarantees the audits dates at least a silver medal it was on this day nineteen thirty five it became illegal for airplanes to fly over the white house and it was on this day in nineteen seventy six one of the original supremes florence ballard died in detroit of coronary thrombosis she was only thirty two years old ballard and her children were living on welfare at the time of her death wwl news time j 24 update of your money is next the future of us manufacturing to halt innovation or treasury your worldwide witty was your.

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