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But this is the up. If you wanna give duke. Johnson one more go. Let's get to the football team against the cowboy. And guess what tell you what. Any dog look like a different team. And you. Don't a professional quarterback. Joe first things first with cowboys Thoughts prayers pray Out to strength and conditioning coach markus paul and his family a recording. This on tuesday and there was a reported medical emergency on tuesday morning that required the cowboys to cancel their practices and a because marcus always rushed to the hospital. Just thinking about him and thinking about the cowboys organization in his family from everything. I read a very respected up person around the nfl. So thoughts out to him as an oakland. He's on the pathway to recovery and when it comes to dallas cowboys. I was reading a column by the athletics. Bob sturm who does around up of the cowboys game kind of a debriefing. If you will of the game against minnesota last week. And he of course gave credit to andy dalton who came out there and he executed exactly how you would expect dallas expected andy dalton to execute any event he was pushed into action within see that early on because the offensive line was a disaster. Maybe dalton was getting a grasp of the offense with the with the dallas cowboys. But the in his first number of starts. That did not happen. It did happen against minnesota. He played solid clean football. Zeke elliott had his best day of the year amari cooper in cd lamb had good days. But maybe the key catalyst or bob sturm zack. Martin one of the best guards in the nfl. The right guard ross. I'm doing offensive line. Shout outs here. You gotta be happy one of the best guards in the nfl. Tackle to right tackle for the first time in his career and pitches a shutout against minnesota. According to bob sturm and i would tend to agree. Maybe the key part of that cowboy offense and if he can be out there right tackle stabilize that offensive line. That is going to be huge for this cowboy offense going forward. I don't know if you saw him. But i mean just just a heroic in key performance that. I don't think anybody's gonna argue. The cowboys are good. But for our perspective is if it's going to allow zeke elliot to produce if it's going to allow any dalton to stay clean in the pocket and distribute to those receivers. It's good for our purposes totally agree and they're much better much better on the offensive line with him out at tackle. The steel kid was really struggling. What about the football team. They didn't put up huge numbers against the bengals. Didn't have to. Obviously we're going to get to the joe burrow situation which was just a nightmare but with the football team is pretty simple. Alex smith is a stream. -able quarterback i expect he'll be pretty popular on the sites For the for the turkey day contest because he'll be on the lower end of the pricing and he has a good match up Keep an eye on the status. Not not that. There's anything to worry about here. But the monday injury report had both antonio gibson n terry mclaren as did not practice for the team with an ankle injuries. There doesn't appear to be a reason to worry here. And if you wanna know about antonio gibson. Oh you know joe terry. Jd mckissic had twenty-nine targets in the previous two games. What the hell happened. Well here's what happened..

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