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Now the us president donald trump has heaped praise on chinese counterpart xi jinping it's a marked contrast his previous criticism of beijing join abroad is a former british diplomat he used to be the uk's man in north korea and he joins me now in the studio john welcome to the show i am first of do you think don't trump softened his stance on china mainly because of the north korea situation i think the north korean situation is a major factor in the way that he's behaving uh he needs he needs desperately take away from this visit he is not likely to be able to come back saying that he sold all the trade tensions are so the only caught in the pact so to speak is north korea and for that of course he needs activities yesterday chinese cooperation but also i think we're seeing a pattern here that in between meetings with presence xi jinping uh donald trump has been known to let awesome quite verlaine tweets about the trade deficit in about other things that china does of which he disapproves once he's actually in the great presence he goes a little soft and weaken the knees us that the chinese offduty very good at handling donald trump of they've laid on a massive for about a protocol for him to make it feel really special unloved which as many common the said is listed on trump's hearts addi pissed we lobbying it up and we're how astonished way you by by this change in tournament you said that if all is a bit of a pattern of when he meets sir when he meets xi jinping invites reno he was at mara lago naughty longer do we got you surprised by this by this change of tone by by no actually i wasn't the reason i wasn't surprise was that if you watched the way that donald trump has behaved in the previous legs this visit in japan and south korea he is clearly on his best behaviour right now a his keynote speech to the south korean national assembly red alert and speech from a teleprompter no catastrophic at libs no nausea remarks i looks as if somebody's got to him as at present you could he does.

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