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Fourth line for Boston bound up with four points. The game winning goal may averaged fourteen and a half minutes. Time on ice. They were not a typical fourth line the night, they were much better than that. And they were led by Sean corral after the game. Our colleague, NBC sports rinkside, reporter, Pierre McGuire had a chance to speak with corral their game winner going back to buffalo than the winter classic here tonight in game one of the Stanley Cup while where that come from I have no idea man. I'm just trying to play hard. And knowing made a good playoffs shot. I'm just happy at one end. Sean looked like you guys are little rusty to start, but that you real- it into the second period. Is it fair to say that? Yeah. We want to elevate our game and tonight we started a little low, so it wasn't that hard elevate. But I think we did elevate, and we're going to have to keep getting better, not going anywhere. Jordan, bidding tennis had a tremendous playoff. Did you detect anything in his game? That's going to help us a series goes along. I think the coach might have been saying a few things, but he's a sound goal is hard to do get a whole lot on EMI's. He's a great player. Let's one game. He's, he's going to he's going to battle and we're going to have to be better for game two so you're three wins away from the Stanley Cup, you allow yourself to think that far down the road or is still in the moment. I think you just got play the next game and cross your mind every now and again across your mind when you're when you're when you're not even in the playoffs. So it's going to cross your mind now. But, you know, you're, you're not this thing isn't over until I don't care if you're up ten goals in the last game up three oh, you're not done. So we're, we're up one nothing right now. We're no aim to be to nothing. It'll be a heck of a game too. I know that we'll see on Wednesday for game back. Nice Sean corral with Pierre McGuire there plenty more coming up on our post game show. More from Kenny and Joel look ahead to game number two. Once again the final.

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