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This is a head gum podcast thank you to me undies for sponsoring this episode of our show me undies another one of our favorites sponsors this ever holy best under wherever they said to some the other day yeah i got the avocado pear thanks living yeah i appreciate easter bunnies fuck the easter bunny he's a nasty little man that steals my breakfast eggs the opposite of what the eastern leaves eggs sorry sorry i didn't grow up with it so i just assume the worst from the bunny you suv easter bunny was robbing us of our eggs what do you think santa does steals presence of course not me on these dot com the best underwear in the world we're completely onto me on these at this point at this point i too many me on gotta get rid of the old ones the ones to my brother he says there's not a single pair of underwear that he would except for me except for me he does not like handmedown underwear but he likes the handmedown me undies that's right because it's used they created with lenzing micro modal and it's a standardly source naturally soft and it's got such cool designs we're talking about the avocado ones that i got the easter bunny ones that jake got there's one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and that's just not their actual policy that that's probably my policy on them as well i never heard anybody complain one iota about their meat undies too great gift for yourself or if you've got a loved one who listens to the show they'll probably know about me on these because of how much we rant and rave about it through what a great way to give them a gift mendis has great offer just for our listeners if you go to on these dot com slash jake or me on these dot com slash.

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