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Hard to put into words what that means for the family for, the community and it's reflected in the citizens who have showed up during. The service there were. Many here some holding old McCain signs, from campaigns gone, by flags, of course expressions of patriotism, last night the doors at the state capital where the late Senator was lying, in state remained open for a longer period of time to accommodate those who had waited Now John McCain's body will, move to Washington DC tomorrow he'll lie in state in the capitol rotunda before, being laid to rest at the US naval academy in Annapolis Maryland on Sunday That's gonna. Be home in the eleven hundred block of Albany street heavily damaged by Tuesday night fire has been torn down. Four alarm fire kept firefighters busy late. Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning three firefighters were taken to the hospital suffering from heat exhaustion fighting the fire and high humidity and high temperatures they. Have been released from the hospital the band who founded a group wants to get out. Of federal custody lawyers for, Keith Rene area of asked US district court in Brooklyn to free the next team leader. On bond near his last request to be released was turned down he faces life in. Prison if convicted of sex trafficking and. Other charges, trial is an expected to start until sometime next year turns out that the Jacksonville video game tournament were a deadly, mass shooting occurred last Sunday should never have taken place fire officials say. Chicago pizza in the Jacksonville landing did. Not, have the proper permit to hold the event last. Night of vigil held at the landing more in the two victims killed in the shooting meanwhile security had to clear the chambers Out a meeting the Jacksonville, city council after residents became very upset they would not be allowed to speak at, length, regarding violence in, their city the water. Fountains are being shut off at all one hundred public schools in Detroit due to high levels of lead and. Copper in the drinking water superintendent says. Students will be drinking bottled water scart the school year as officials work to solve the issue with the formation of a task force fixing the problem. Will cost two hundred thousand dollars just to start with to get even more expensive superintendent. Says there are no signs, as yet of any negative impact on the health of children from the water in the. Schools pretty strong numbers when it comes to foot traffic for the new casino that opened. Last weekend in Springfield Massachusetts MGM officials. Say that, over one hundred fifty thousand people visited the casino in its first three days of operation revenue numbers for the casino, will not be available until next month the MGM Springfield opened on Friday. August, twenty fourth the nine hundred sixty Eighty. Million dollar casino spans three city blocks in Springfield, speaking of numbers there negative on Wall Street today just before the close the. Dow off one hundred forty nine NASDAQ down twenty..

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